Protect Your Network from Cyber Attacks

17 September 2019 Marketing Aplikas

Protect Your Network from Cyber Attacks

Network security is a form of protecting data which is sent through various devices on the corporate network. Protecting network security aims to ensure that the information is not intercepted as its functions. The duty of network security is protecting IT infrastructure from all types of cyber attacks.

A right network security not only ensures the safety but also helps in recognizing new threats before they infiltrate your valuable business asset, such as data.

Overall, network security is an important thing to be considered, because network plays a vital role in managing all businesses. When network security strategies fail, business assets will be threatened by cyber attacks. In such situations, it is likely to impact on productivity, business profits, and bad quality of customer experience. A vulnerability on the network will give material and immaterial losses to the company from such incidents.

How to Protect Your Network from Cyber Attacks

Regular scan and audit process is not enough to protect your network, because it cannot provide insights that you need to create strategy for protecting your valuable business assets.

Cyber attacks will be much more advanced in the future. However, you do not have to worry because technologies comes to offer a better chance of fighting those cyber attacks.

Tenable is the best-in-class product that helps you achieve your IT security strategy quickly. Tenable helps you to get a real-time, continuous assessment of your security posture so you can find and fix vulnerabilities faster, increase productivity, satisfying customer experience, and profits.

Tenable has the best solution to protect your network security, namely Tenable Security Center, it will discover vulnerabilities on your network, and monitors unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches, so that your IT security structure will be well-planned. As a result, your IT security will be much better than before.

Tenable Security Center Key Features

1. Comprehensive Coverage and Visibility

Tenable Security Center actively protect IT systems, networks and applications and give continuous and visibility into vulnerabilities that threaten your security posture.

2. Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

With Tenable, you can customizable alerts and notifications for administrator, so that administrators will respond faster if there is any possibility of attacks on security posture.

3. Integrations

Network security solutions from Tenable can be integrated with leading solutions in patch management, mobile device management, threat intelligence, cloud and more. Integrations provide additional data and improve visibility and useful analysis context.

In this article, we have explored about network security and the best technological solutions for protecting network security. Plan your IT security goals to protect it from cyber attacks and equip your company network with the right solution.


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