Identity Governance And Administration (IGA): Strengthen Your Company Identity Security

25 March 2022

Identity Governance And Administration (IGA): Strengthen Your Company Identity Security

Many applications used in business processes require the security of user identity in the company to be improved. In fact, according to Verizon, 63 % of data breaches occur due to weak user data security, making it easy for cybercriminals to steal your data.

Big companies have thousands of employees, partners, and customers. Each of them acts as a user who accesses hundreds or even thousands of applications. Cybercriminals target every access used by these thousands of users to hack data security. Thus, companies must determine the right strategy to improve their identity and data security. One of the actionable strategies for companies is implementing Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Identity governance and administration (IGA) solution is known as identity security. This solution is deployed in central IT operations to secure digital identities for all users, applications, and data. This solution allows your company to ensure that the people who have access to a system and application are the right people. Companies can find out who has access to what sections, how that access can be used, and whether that access complies with existing policies or not.

Benefits of Implementing Identity Governance and Administration Solution

IGA solution helps your company do the inventory users, analysis, and understand the access granted to employees, partners, and users. This solution automatically performs all identity and access information processes by increasing efficiency, strengthening security, and increasing compliance according to existing regulations. Other benefits of using identity governance and administration solutions include:

1.      Reduce operational costs

Identity governance and administration automatically perform the access certification process, access request, password management, and provision process. This automatic process will cut the operational costs needed. IGA solution has an easy-to-use UI. IT teams will be able to reduce the time usually spent on administrative tasks and allow users to request access, manage passwords, and review access independently. Users will also have access to dashboards and analytics tools, so companies have the information and metrics to strengthen their internal controls and reduce risk.

2.      Strengthen security and reduce the risk of data hacking

As explained earlier, identities hacked by cybercriminals are caused by weak user accounts. This incident is considered a threat to the company. Using identity governance and administration solutions, companies will have centralized visibility to see who has access to a system. The company can immediately spot and detect improper access, policy violations, or weak controls that put the company at risk. This solution also can identify at-risk users, policy violations, inappropriate access rights, and remedies for those risks.

3.      Improve compliance and audit performance

IGA solution can enable companies to verify that the proper controls are in place to meet regulatory security and privacy requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR. This solution also includes role-based access control that allows companies to significantly reduce compliance costs while managing risk and establishing repeatable practices to provide access certification that is more consistent, auditable, and easier to manage.

4.      Boost employee productivity

IGA solutions can increase productivity by ensuring that they have access to the applications and systems whenever they need them. Productivity improvements that IGA can do include:

  • Increase end users’ productivity by providing self-service capabilities to reset forgotten passwords and request a new access
  • Increase productivity of companies’ managers by reducing time spent for authorizing access permits
  • Increase IT division productivity by minimizing the volume of helpdesk calls associated with password resets and access requests

There are many risks that companies will get if they experience any identity hacks. Companies must implement appropriate strategies to improve identity security, and one of them is by implementing the identity governance and administration (IGA) solution. Phintraco Group, together with Aplikas Servis Pesona as a company engaged in the IT security sector, are ready to implement an IGA solution for your company. Aplikas Servis Pesona has been serving many companies in various industrial fields for more than 12 years to improve their IT security.


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