Improving Company’s Data Security with Data Loss Prevention Solutions

21 January 2021

Improving Company’s Data Security with Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began in the beginning of 2020, there were many changes happening in the world of business. In times full of uncertainty, many companies decide to accelerate their cloud transformation program to empower remote workers.

According to Cloud Adoption and Risk Report from McAfee, it shows a 50% increase overall in enterprise cloud use across all industries. The use of cloud services brings a lot of positive impacts for businesses, especially in flexibility, which becomes the most important advantage to help companies operate normally during the pandemic.

However, as with anything else, there are also downsides. With cloud services usage growing, it means that company’s data (including sensitive one) flows beyond the company’s network security, so that there will be high possibilities for unauthorized parties gain access to a company’s data.

Therefore, to protect your business against cybercrime, companies need to take strict measures to protect sensitive data related to customer and employee information, or company confidential data. In this case, companies can use Data Loss Prevention solutions.

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

To protect businesses from data loss or data theft incidents, Aplikas Servis Pesona offers Data Loss Prevention solutions. Data Loss Prevention is a solution used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users.

Data Loss Prevention helps companies to avoid data loss incidents through continual monitoring of data at all stages of its lifecycle on endpoints, networks, and the cloud.

Why Do Companies Need Data Loss Prevention Solutions?

To improve cyber security strategy, having the Data Loss Prevention solutions must be businesses’ top priority. Why is that so?

Because data is like a company’s treasure that is useful not only for business continuity but also for business survival. Companies that experience the data loss incidents may suffer from financial losses, reputational damage and a decrease in productivity. If the incident is not handled properly, the companies may face bankruptcy.

The Advantages of Data Loss Prevention Solutions

In choosing the right solutions for Data Loss Prevention, we need to know first about the features offered by the solutions. Make sure it has these following features:

1. Gain Full Visibility

Make sure it has a feature that allows you to see how your data is being used and accessed, and how it is leaking.

2. Keeping Data Safe No Matter Where It Is

In addition to continual monitoring of data at all stages of its lifecycle on endpoints, networks, and the cloud, Data Loss Prevention provides comprehensive protection for data that is stored in various channels, including storage, cloud, email, SMS, web, screen capture, file-sharing applications, and more.

3. Quickly Identify Data

Data Loss Prevention solutions offer stronger data classification to identify and classify data that is important to your companies. So, it will be much easier for IT security teams to plan the right security strategy, starting with protecting the most valuable data.

4. Remediate Policy Violations

If the policy violation is detected, Data Loss Prevention solutions will encrypt, redirect, quarantine, or block data transmissions that are in violation of policies.

Now It’s Time to Take the Right Steps to Safeguard Your Data with Data Loss Prevention Solutions!

Keeping the data and information safe is the most important action to take right now for all companies. When you are able to do preventive action, there is no possibility of spending a lot of time, money and other resources recreating or recovering these files to fill the gaps left by the data loss incidents. To conclude, Data Loss Prevention is the right solution for you to safeguard your company’s data.



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