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Product & Services

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“We want you to know that we care about our valued customers,
so that we are here to serve you with our reliable services as well
as our wide selection of products. We are currently holding the partnership
of Intel Security, Cyber-Ark, SailPoint, Tufin, Infoblox, Aruba,Tripwire, Fortinet, and
Forcepoint. We also provide all services that are related to these
product implementations, from implementation,
maintenance, and support services.”

Aplikas Servis Pesona offers world-class products among others:

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IP address management (IPAM) refers to managing the allocation, administration, reporting and tracking of public and private IP space, IP devices and associated data.  Enterprises typically deploy systems and processes that interact with the DNS and DHCP infrastructure in order to provide IPAM capabilities.

Despite the proven value of automated IPAM, a majority of IT departments continue to use manual processes, spreadsheets or home-grown tools for IP address management.  A typical process for allocating a new IP Address to a printer may involve several steps spanning several departments; as a result, a simple request may require hours of work and days of elapsed time as each set of hands becomes involved in the process, increasing the potential for human introduced errors and potentially network outage.

The Infoblox family of IP Address Management solutions automates and simplifies IP address management, thereby reducing network operating costs and eliminating configuration errors and associated downtime.

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DNS is a critical infrastructure element that has a unique position in the network. This makes it an optimal enforcement point for protection and response against threats such as DNS attacks, APTs, malware, and data exfiltration.

Infoblox security products enable you to mitigate security challenges that arise from DNS-based threats. Our secure DNS solutions combine automation, centralized reporting and policy management, enhanced visibility, and unique actionable intelligence drawn from the data residing in the core of your network.

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