Improve Digital Identity Security, Aplikas Servis Pesona Held a Cyber Security Webinar

22 October 2021

Improve Digital Identity Security, Aplikas Servis Pesona Held a Cyber Security Webinar

The internet and digital activities have become essential in life, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which requires people to spend a lot of time at home. Many companies are also accelerating their digital transformation to keep up with this development. In line with the current rising activity of digital services and transactions, the risk of cyberattacks that threaten personal and company data is also increasing and become difficult to detect. Cyberattacks will be detrimental for the company, especially for financial companies that use personal data for several transactions. Therefore, a company needs to seek optimal protection of the digital identity of customers and the company.

As a company that provides IT security solutions, Aplikas Servis Pesona wants to raise awareness of cybersecurity practitioners about the importance of digital identity security. Hence, Aplikas Servis Pesona and ForgeRock held a webinar on cyber security titled “Leverage the Power of Digital Identity to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation” on Tuesday, 19th  October 2021. Through this webinar’s theme, Aplikas Servis Pesona would like to deliver information about maximizing digital identity by using Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) technology. IT security practitioners from various sectors attended this webinar.

Present as a speaker, Kean Foo Tan, a Senior Solution Architect from ForgeRock. In his presentation, Kean Foo Tan explained the importance of modernizing digital businesses to accelerate the company’s digital transformation. Kean also presented a demo for digital features that ForgeRock offers to support the modernization of digital businesses and digital identity security.

Modernizing digital businesses can help companies get more customers faster, provide an excellent customer experience, and provide maximum protection for customers’ digital identities. Modernizing digital businesses is not only focused on using various technological advances to keep up with the latest technological development “speed”, but also how the results of adopting these new technologies can be utilized to improve the existing processes, achieve new efficiencies, and reduce required costs.

digital identity

Kean Foo Tan, a Senior Solution Architect from ForgeRock, presented the webinar material “Leverage the Power of Digital Identity to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation.”

In the question and answer session, one question asked about the benefits of the digital security system that ForgeRock offers. Kean explained that through the demo displayed during the webinar, the system provided by ForgeRock improves the quality of the workforce by using MFA and prevents and detects irregularities in the customer journey that could indicate the threat of cyberattacks from other parties.

Cyber​​attacks are continuously increasing and become more sophisticated in the midst of digital transformation. By the end of this webinar, companies are expected to realize the urgency of providing extra protection for digital identity. This webinar concludes that companies will get more customers or users, build their loyalty and trust, and improve customer experience by increasing digital identity security, productivity, and efficiency in the customer journey.


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