Anticipating the Evolving Cyberattacks, Aplikas Servis Pesona Holds Cybersecurity Webinar

01 July 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Anticipating the Evolving Cyberattacks, Aplikas Servis Pesona Holds Cybersecurity Webinar

In the midst of digital transformation initiative within organization’s environment, there is one important aspect that we need to focus on. It is about ensuring company’s safety from cyber attacks. Companies may already have their own strategy to maintain cyber security, but security protection solutions especially for endpoint security need to be reviewed regularly to know whether the solution is still relevant to protect systems from advanced cyber threats.

As an IT security solutions provider in Indonesia, Aplikas Servis Pesona takes its role in helping cybersecurity professionals and practitioners to anticipate the evolving cyber attacks. Together with CrowdStrike and Exclusive Network, Aplikas Servis Pesona holds cybersecurity webinar titled “Integrating Threat Intelligence into Endpoint Security” on Wednesday, 30 June 2021. This webinar is attended by cybersecurity professionals and practitioners from various sectors.

Through this topic, Aplikas Servis Pesona wants to deliver information about improving company’s cyber security by integrating threat intelligence into endpoint security.

Ruevitzwan Isa, as a Regional Sales Engineer at Crowdstrike and our main speaker, explain that today’s cyber attacks are continue to evolve. Threat actors perform their action with new advanced tricks or methods, so that aging solutions or traditional security strategies are no longer relevant to keep your company safe from cybersecurity incidents.

There is more and more cybersecurity incidents targeting companies because the level of their endpoint protection is not adequate to combat current attacks. Therefore, companies need to integrate threat intelligence into endpoint security to protect their overall digital environment from cyber attacks more quickly and effectively.

Ruevitzwan Isa, Senior Regional Sales Engineer at CrowdStrike presented the webinar topic webinar “Integrating Threat Intelligence into Endpoint Security”

In QnA session, one of participants asked about the possibility of integrating CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence into SIEM and SOAR platform. The answer of this question is that threat intelligence can be integrated with various SIEM and SOAR platform. Therefore, there are no challenges for users to integrate Threat Intelligece into their existing endpoint security.

Then, our main speaker also explain about the required bandwidth for an endpoint to deliver an event to the cloud. On the average, for 1 day consumption, it requires 6 up to 8MB.

From this topic, we conclude that we can overcome the risk of evolving cyberattacks and threat actor’s methods by integrating threat intelligence into endpoint security platform. Through this webinar, we hope that all participants get valuable insights to help them prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats in a more effective way.

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