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Date :

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Time :

9.30 WIB - Finish

80% of Cyber Attacks could have been prevented by just improving your cyber hygiene! Anticipate, solve, and prevent cyber vulnerability chaos in your business. Join Us! for an insightful session to learn how we are reinventing the way Vulnerability Management is designed and practiced, how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities at scale, and avoid all those preventable breaches with Aplikas & Hackuity cyber security experts.

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In this session, you will notably learn:

Some of the common challenges facing enterprises to get cyber hygiene right, especially vulnerability management

Learn key concepts and differences behind those names: pentesting, scan, bug bounty, VDP, RBVM, orchestrator and aggregator, EASM, CAASM, CTEM, etc.

The different steps of maturity of a good, better, best vulnerability management process.

Some practical next steps and solutions to automate your process, significantly reduce the number of critical vulnerabilities, give context to your huge backlog of vulnerabilities, remediate at scale, and remove the tedious manual work of your strained analyst’s team.

Additional use cases from organizations’ audits and maturity journey

Event Detail


Thursday, 16 March 2023


09.30 WIB – Finish

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The Speaker

Dr Christopher Chai

APJ Solutions Director , Hackuity

Who is Attending?

This session is suited for an audience of security practitioners and decision-makers trying to improve their organization's security posture.

Job titles may include CISO, CIO, CTO, IT Security, Security Ops / SOC, Network Ops / Security, Dev Sec Ops, and Security Analysts.

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