Why is Transformation Important?

24 January 2020 Marketing Aplikas

Why is Transformation Important?

Transformation is the process of changing the overall systems, business processes and technology to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and customer or employee satisfaction.

Why is transformation important? Based on the definition above, it can be stated that transform is not an option, it is a necessity. And it is for all industrial sectors. If you do not transform, then you must be prepared to run the risk of being left behind because your business process are inefficient, ineffective, and it does not satisfy customer and employee needs.

What are the steps the organizations take when intending to transform?

The process of truly transforming one or more business process are through three phases: planning, implementating, and transforming.

At the “planning” phase, you have to prepare new business innovations for now and the future. When the preparation has been completed, the next step is to think about solutions that can support your business in achieving these new innovations.

In this case, “solution” means an information technology solution that becomes a part of your business strategy. After the formulation of news innovation have been obtained, the best technological solutions have been chosen, then you must know the business values that you will get after using its technology solutions.

Then, the second is “implementing”. Innovation and technology strategies that have been planned before, now you have to start to implement them. Finding the best information technology solution provider is an important process at this stage. The implementation of new technology for your organization should be your top priority. Choose a technology solution provider company that has experience in implementing technology solutions for many organization, and it can positively impact on their business.

The last is the “transforming” itself. In this stage, you have perfectly implemented the “planning” and “implementing” stage. All phases are ready to “Go Live” in your business processes. In this phase, the implementation of new technology solutions must always be monitored to ensure that the business value increases optimally or at least, same as expected in the “planning” phase.

There are so many things to consider when you want to transform the future of your business. Why is transformation important? By reading this article, you already got the answer. Transforming is the best way to increase business value and stay one step ahead of the industry. Indeed, business competition will always continue to increase. You are required to be able to adapt quickly. Therefore, business transformation with the support of information technology solutions is the best answer to all business problems that have been hampering optimal business results.


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