Why Is Cyber Security Important?

15 July 2019

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

What is cyber security ?

Cyber security is a technology, process and practice that is designed to protect the network, computer, program and data from cyber attacks, exploitation and unauthorized access. Cyber security is also known as an effort to protect information from cyber attacks.  Cyber attacks in information operations are all types of actions that are intentionally made to disrupt the confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of information.

All companies that are transformed from digital-based data are strongly encouraged to concern and use cyber security in storing, accessing and retrieving important information. Protecting information and data is a necessity for most companies and government agencies around the world because data is a valuable asset and will become a problem in the future if the data is handled by an unauthorized user.

Elements of Cyber Security

Security Policy Document

It is a standard document that is used as a reference in running all process related to information security.

Information Infrastructure

It is a media that acts in continuation of the operation of information including hardware and software, such as routers, switches, servers, operating systems, databases, and websites.

Perimeter Defense

It is a media that acts as a defense component to information infrastructures such as IDS, IPS, and firewall.

Network Monitoring System

It is a media that has a role to monitor the feasibility, utilization and performance of information infrastructure.

System Information and Event Management

It is a media that has a role in monitoring various incident on the network including events related to security incidents.

Network Security Assessment

It is an element of cyber security which acts as a mechanism control and provides a measurement level of information security.

Human resource and security awareness

It is related to human resources and its awareness of information security.

What are the uses of the term “cyber” in Indonesia?

Cyber Law

It is a legal aspect related to individuals or legal subjects who use and utilize internet technology starting from online and entering the cyber world or virtual. The legal of Cyber Law in Indonesia refers to Law No. 11 of 2008 on Electronic Information and Transactions.

Cyber Security

It is a technology, process and practice designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from unauthorized attacks, damage or access.

Cyber Crime

It is a crime that makes a computer or computer network as a tool, target or place of crime in cyberspace.

Cyber War

It is a war that occurs in the world of internet (virtual). The war was armed with internet connections and computers. Activities that occur in cyber war are generally hacking and anti-hacking activities carried out officially by the state. The goal starts from stealing data to crippling the system owned by the enemy.

Cyber Attack

It is a type of maneuver used by countries, individuals, groups or organizations that target information systems of computers, infrastructure, computer networks, and personal computer devices in various dangerous actions that usually come from anonymous sources that steal, change, or destroying targets determined by hacking vulnerable systems.

What are the types of cyber attacks in today’s digital era?

Here are types of cyber attacks in today’s digital era

Denial of Service

It is an attack that manipulates the system, network, or application, so that its performance becomes very heavy and over power. When the company’s system is attacked, hackers will ask for money to return the usual condition.

Malware and Virus

It is a malicious program that is intentionally infiltrated and it spreads through e-mail, suspicious websites, and hardware connected to the company’s system tools. The incoming virus will damage the existing data in accordance with the purpose of its creation, such as hiding, damaging and deleting the data.

Botnest and Zombie

It is an attack on a computer connected to centralized network. The effects of botnets are commonly referred as zombies, because their existence is under the hackers’ control. Botnet that is created to steal data will continue to improve its encryption capabilities, so it will be difficult to detect.


It is types of scam that is commonly used by cyber criminals to prevent device users because it is like a pop-up warning from the system. When it has been trapped, the usual users are directed to take certain actions such as fraud.

What are the benefits of cyber security?

The benefit of cyber security is to prevent the misuse of access and utilize the data in Information Technology systems from user who does not have access to use the data in system.

In addition, with cyber security, you can maintain good reputation of your company. Especially, if it is related to the customer of your company’s services.

So, make sure you have taken the action to use cyber security for your company!


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