What Is Social Engineering and the Best Way to Prevent It?

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Cyber attacks patterns become more sophisticated as technology evolves to meet today’s more complex and highly competitive industry demands. In addition to attacks becoming more sophisticated, cyber criminals are also showing advancement in certain techniques. It is proven by the increasing number of cyber attacks during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) revealed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, cyber attacks are increasing 6 times higher than usual, and the most commonly used method is social engineering.

Have you ever heard about social engineering? In this article, you will get explanation about social engineering and the best way to prevent it.  

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is an attack technique that concentrates on the weakest link of the computer security chain, it is human. Cyber criminals use social engineering technique because it is usually easier to exploit natural inclination to trust than discover ways to hack software. In most cases, this method is carried out by having communication with the victims through phone calls or other media tools, so that cyber criminals can attack  their victims without having to rely on a computer system or application platform.

In an organization, these positions become the common targets of social engineering attacks:

  1. Receptionists

Why do receptionists become one of the most common targets of social engineering attacks? It happens because a receptionist is considered as the gate keeper to the organizations, and usually they have all information about an organization that every cyber criminal needs.

  1. Administrators

In addition to receptionists, administrators also become the main target of social engineering attacks, it is because administrators have authority to manage passwords and accounts of all business’ systems and applications.

  1. IT Support

IT support plays a key role in accessing all data and information within organizations’ IT environment. That is why IT support become the strategic targets for cyber criminals.

  1. Employees

Employees can also be the strategic targets for every cyber criminal, it happens because there are still many employees within organizations who are not yet implemented the right cyber security procedures. Their ignorance of security procedures is exploited by attackers to take actions and get sensitive information easily.

The Right Ways to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks in an Organization

As we have learned before, social engineering technique concentrates on the weakest link of the computer security chain: humans. Cyber criminals could utilize many different aspects to exploit human psychology to trust them and follow their command.

In most cases, cyber criminals do social engineering by sending email, sms, and other communication tools that contain a website’s link. The linked website contains malware, so that when targets click on the website link, attackers will directly get the access to the target’s credential information.

Since cyber criminals use website frequently as their media to do social engineering attacks, then organizations can prevent social engineering attacks by implementing Web Isolation. Web Isolation is a solution used to ensure security and protect important information from web-based attacks by isolating and executing all websites used by users.

Web Isolations will prevent users to receive malicious code on websites, so that users can automatically avoid all types of cyber attacks from the website. And also, this solution is able to remove plug-in browser that could create vulnerability. You can get further information about Web Isolation by clicking this link: https://aplikas.com/using-web-isolation-solutions-to-browse-the-websites-safely/ or contact us at marketing@phintraco.com

We hope that you can get insightful information about social engineering and the best way to prevent it within organizations. In addition to increasing cyber security awareness of all related parties within organizations, you also need to implement Web Isolation to fully protect and eliminate the opportunities for cyber criminals to attack your organizations.





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