What is Identity and Access Management? Definition and How It Works to Boost Cyber Security

20 October 2020

What is Identity and Access Management? Definition and How It Works to Boost Cyber Security

Technological advances enable businesses to work more effectively in a number of different ways. Since technology creates the way for business to transform, we can say that business needs technology to be sustained. Almost all business activities use IT resources to collect, process, save and share a number of information that are related to business needs and its customers. Also, companies have responsibilities to protect data and information in their IT resources.

However, despite the countless ways that technology has improved the daily activities of the business, it has also had its drawbacks, which is it is difficult to find the right way to manage the right identity to access a company’s IT resources. The applications in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment make the digital identity and access harder to be monitored manually.

Manual process of provisioning and deprovisioning user makes companies harder to make sure that they have given the right access to the right users in the right context with company’s security rules. Both provisioning and deprovisioning play an important role in securing IT systems and applications, so that automated user provisioning and deprovisioning should be top of mind for any organization that wants to enhance their security posture, especially when employees who are joining, moving or leaving often happen.

To overcome those challenges, did you know that company can use Identity and Access Management solution to securely manage user identities and access to their IT resources? Here is everything you need to know about Identity and Access Management solution!

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management is a solution to securely manage user identities and their access to IT resources (such as systems, applications, and networks). This solution also provides the ability to securely store identity and profile data as well as data governance functions to ensure that only data that is necessary and relevant is shared. It ensures each user to access the correct resources at the right times, and for the proper reasons.

How Identity and Access Management Works to Boost Company’s Cyber Security

If companies using Identity and Access Management solution, they can eliminate the complexity and time-consuming process of managing digital access and identities, and gain easier accountability and greater transparency.

As one of IT security solutions provider in Indonesia, Aplikas Servis Pesona provides Identity and Access Management solution to help companies managing digital identity and access properly, so that each company can remain productive and operate based on predetermined security rules. Here’s how Identity and Access Management works to boost company’s cyber scurity:

  • IAM solution automates provisioning of user accounts, identities and access rights for on-prem, hybrid or cloud environments.
  • IAM solution automates complex security administration processes so as to increase productivity and reduce human errors.
  • IAM solution can help you unify authentication, password management and role management across platforms.
  • IAM solution helps you to easily extend user administration capabilities to the cloud and significantly reduce the time and effort to onboard cloud applications.

Companies with great cyber security measures are those that can ensure only the right people get access to their IT resources, and do so at the right time and in the right way.

Manual cyber security measures are no longer suitable for preventing modern-age threats like identity and access misuse and data breaches. Therefore, to be able to operate effectively and eliminate the risk of cyber attacks, a company should implement Identity and Access Management solution and find the right partner for its implementation process.

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