The Steps to Make Towards Better Company Data Security

01 July 2022

The Steps to Make Towards Better Company Data Security

The ability of cybercriminals to hack into security systems is continuously improving. Cybercriminals with increasing sophistication are hacking into company systems, which is not accompanied by a heightened level of company awareness regarding enhancing the security of the company’s systems and data. Cybercriminals currently are no longer amateurs. Many cybercriminals are well-organized and financially stable. This situation makes it increasingly difficult for the company to maintain IT security. Your company can improve its IT security by utilizing a data-centric approach. This will lead to the development of best practices essential for establishing a solid cybersecurity foundation for your company. This data-centric approach will be able to outweigh evolving threats and benefit long-term cybersecurity and strategy.

Four Data-Centric Steps for Better Data Security

Your company’s data security does not need to restrict data access to the point where it cannot be used, correct? Instead, a data-centric approach will create a solid cybersecurity foundation while maintaining data accessibility. Here are a few simple steps for delivering data-centric security so that companies can benefit from internal and external collaboration while data remains secure and risk is reduced:

  1. Avoid Direct Data Access

The company’s customer data is an example of important data. This data will produce business analytics and provide insights and perspectives on customer requirements. However, there are risks involved. The chances that the company will face consist of external attackers, internal threats, and compliance mandate abuse. When data has direct access, cyber criminals can gain access to it through phishing attacks, database misconfigurations, or software programs that can imitate valid applications. Once cybercriminals are able to breach the system, they will have unrestricted access to existing data. The company will suffer a substantial loss if cybercriminals successfully misuse the database due to the availability of direct data access without the need for intermediaries. Therefore, businesses must avoid direct data access.

  1. Use Identity to Simplify Access Management

Frequently, former employees are not dismissed access to company data or systems. Therefore, identity must be used to simplify access management. So that, when a user joins, changes an access role, or leaves the company, it is simpler to change access according to their cohort or delete a single account based on their identity.

  1. Data Encryption

Encryption is an important component of both security and compliance. Ensure that your data is securely encrypted. Encrypting data protects copies of archived data and reduces space and disk usage by focusing on the key attributes of all data. In addition, The data that is properly encrypted will lessen the damage caused by cybercriminals stealing credentials or insider threats.

  1. Simplify Security Through Future-Proofing

The architecture of IT security has become increasingly complex. The presence of modern IT security will typically simplify IT architecture. Your company must find a comprehensive IT security solution to manage its diverse security needs centrally. A complete IT security solution will also be able to endure over the long term because it simplifies employee onboarding and training and reduces complexity.

Ensure that your company has implemented better data security by following these steps. If your company has not implemented these steps, you can discuss the implementation of data security with Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group that engages in IT security. Aplikas Servis Pesona has more than 12 years of experience catering to the needs of companies in various industries and is prepared to provide data security that suits your company’s needs.

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