The Rise of Phishing Emails Attacks during Covid-19

13 August 2021

The Rise of Phishing Emails Attacks during Covid-19

The overwhelming amount of news coverage surrounding the Covid-19 has created a new danger and risk. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of it. In Indonesia and other countries, the news about Covid-19 has led to the rise of phishing emails attacks in which cybercriminals try to trick users into revealing their private information and personal data.

News about Covid-19 may now be the biggest phishing topic ever, the rise of phishing emails by using this method is very effective for cybercriminals and gave them many advantages. According to a report from Google, Google finds around 18 million malware and phishing attempts by using information related to Covid-19, and more than 240 million spam messages on the topic of Covid-19 every day. For business people who often use email for working, of course this is very dangerous. Cybercriminals can easily steal their personal data and confidential company data.

There are some ways and solutions to avoid phishing emails, an employee or business leader have to implement the right action. What should we do to avoid a Covid-19 phishing email?

  • Identify every email you receive

One of the most important things to avoid the rise of phishing emails is identify every content and information when receiving an email. Phishing emails are often riddled with both bad grammar and punctuation. Bad grammar and punctuation are a sign of phishing email scams.

In addition, you have to do a recheck before clicking on the link and make sure it is the right and official link. Sometimes, email phishing contains a similar link to the official’s, even only 1 different letter to persuade victims. Then, you have to avoid downloading attachments from unrecognized or unknown sources, and avoid replying or forwarding those emails.

You also need to concern about every request for information related to your company’s credentials, such as financial information. Requesting sensitive information will not be simply requested, especially if it is related to your company credentials.

  • Protect your company from phishing emails by using Phishing Isolation

To protect yourself and your company from the rise of phishing emails — besides the solution that has explained before, you need the advanced solutions to make it more safe. The most guaranteed and safer way are to implement a Phishing Isolation solution.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, as an IT Security Solutions Provider Company that has more than 19 years experience in providing IT Security Solutions for Indonesian companies, provides Menlo Security’s Phishing Isolation solution.

Menlo Security comes with an isolation solution that will help organizations to eliminate the risk of phishing scams. Menlo Security’s Phishing Isolation eliminates the risk of credential theft and drive-by exploits caused by phishing emails. This solution integrates cloud-based Phishing Isolation with existing mail servers such as Gmail, Exchange and Office 365. All email links can be transformed, so that they can be protected by Phishing Isolation from Menlo Security. When a user clicks on link in the email, it will be 100% isolated from all malware threats, including ransomware. Websites can also be rendered in read-only mode, which can prevent you from entering sensitive information into dangerous web forms.

For further information about Phishing Isolation as a solution to avoid the rise of phishing emails, reach us at


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