The Importance of Web-based Application Security in a Digital Age that is Becoming Increasingly Complex

16 September 2022

The Importance of Web-based Application Security in a Digital Age that is Becoming Increasingly Complex

In this digital era, web technology has become an integral part of daily life for most of the population. Therefore, providers of digital information based on web technology must be able to deliver secure and dependable services to users so that operations can continue uninterrupted. However, the presence of applications with a low level of security can jeopardize numerous vital aspects. For instance, financial data, healthcare data, defense data, energy data, and data from other industries. In addition, modern digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, making web-based applications susceptible to security risks. Therefore, security should be the most essential factor that the company’s IT development team must consider.

The Most Common Types of Cyberattacks on Web Applications

As the use of web technologies increases, so does the risk of cyberattacks. To protect yourself against these crimes, you must be familiar with the most prevalent types of cyberattacks on web applications. So, what are the most frequent types of cyberattacks on web applications? A summary is as follows:

  1. Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting, also known as XSS attacks, is a malicious cyberattack that has even targeted Google, Facebook, and PayPal. This attack exploits XSS vulnerabilities to steal data, take control of user sessions, execute malicious code, or launch phishing attacks. Cross-site scripting is a form of malicious cyberattack, but most victims are unaware that cybercriminals are targeting them.

  1. SQL injection

SQL injection is a code injection technique used to exploit database security vulnerabilities in a web application. Typically, cybercriminals access databases using SQL queries and specific tools. The performed code injection allows cybercriminals to enter without requiring authentication. After gaining access, cybercriminals are free to add, delete, and alter existing data. This SQL injection attack can target any web application that utilizes SQL databases, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

  1. Layer 7 Denial of Service

To comprehend Layer 7 Denial of Service, you must first understand what layer 7 means. The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model’s Application layer is called Layer 7. The 7-layer OSI model is the standard for network device communication, with layer 7 referred to as the application layer. Layer 7 is the highest layer and is utilized by various server applications. This attack is not intended to disable the network or servers completely but rather to target applications with specific vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals conduct hacks based on vulnerabilities they have previously identified.

Effective Measures for Web Application Security Against Cyberattacks

Hacking enterprise web applications is performed to obtain sensitive data. They can use this information to commit fraud, sell it to unauthorized parties, or even extort individuals. In light of the ever-changing security threat landscape of the modern era, companies must implement continuous web security applications. Aplikas Servis Pesona provides a web application security solution to strengthen the company’s cyber defenses. As a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, which specializes in IT security, Aplikas Servis Pesona has experience assisting companies and organizations from various industries with the maintenance of web application security. Using web application security protects your web-based applications and helps your team achieve a higher level of security professionals. Through the implementation of web application security, a company or an organization can enhance and maintain the safety of the web applications they employ, thereby effectively mitigating risks.


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