The Importance of Privileged Access Management Solution to Protect Your Company’s Data

17 July 2019

The Importance of Privileged Access Management Solution to Protect Your Company’s Data

For some companies, the importance of managing privileged access is very crucial. The privileged accounts, such as local administrator, play an important role in maintaining and controlling important information. The company’s information that managed by users who have privileged access has always been the target of cybercriminals and malicious insiders who have bad intentions for getting personal benefit. To prevent the data breaches, you need the right solution for it.

Most companies are facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining data security which become an essential part of their business, and in fact, it is hard to handle those challenges. It is important for you to know that attackers will always find a new way of doing their actions and getting everything they need. As a result, attackers who gain control of privileged accounts have the key to break your whole IT kingdom.

To overcome the data breaches, Privileged Access Management (PAM) comes to help entrepreneurs to face this challenge.  PAM has been a standard security solution of data security, but only recently it has moved into the spotlight for private companies, government institutions and all other types of organizations. As more attacks and data breaches are found caused by misuse of privileged access, all organizations have realized that protecting their credential data need to be a top priority.

Benefits of using Privileged Access Management Solution

You will get some benefits if using PAM solution to prevent data breaches. Here are the main benefits of using PAM solution:

  • The main benefit that you get when implementing a PAM solution is you are able to prevent data breaches, including the misuse of data caused by malicious insiders, so it will protect your organization’s most critical assets
  • With the right PAM solution, companies may give privileged access to users in the safest way.

A good Privileged Access Management is the one that can manage and guarantee the confidentiality of your passwords, monitor users activities, and be able to analyze potential threats to hack the security of company’s confidentiality that can be accessed through users who have that privileged access.

CyberArk has the best solution that has been included in Gartner Magic Quadrant’s leader category for Privileged Access Management solutions. The privileged access management solution from CyberArk named Core Privileged Access Security, guarantees the most critical assets that managed by users who have privileged access in your company. Core Privileged Access Security also has kind of deployment that can be requested based on your needs. You can do deployment on cloud, on premises, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

After understanding the explanation about Privileged Access Management Solution and its benefits, you now understand that solutions from CyberArk are the most accurate solution for your company. The concept of CyberArk platform and its ability to centralize data and maintain the company’s most critical assets will be very beneficial for your business.




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