The Dangers of Plurox in Infecting Network Security

09 July 2019 Marketing Aplikas

The Dangers of Plurox in Infecting Network Security

A new malware named “Plurox” has been spotted recently. This malware is called Plurox. Plurox malware combines cryptominer, backdoor, and plugins together. All into one. This threat is very dangerous for network security on your computer. To find out about the dangers of Plurox in infecting devices, let us look at some following explanations.

This new malware has very strong features. It works with 8 plugins that are used by attackers to mine cryptocurrency. For your information, Plurox threat has more dangerous effects than malware that has been found before. It means that your existing antivirus software to protect your network security may not be as effective anymore in preventing your device from Plurox threats.

Plurox can work as a backdoor, a self-spreading virus, and crypto-miner. All work at the same time. Although Plurox has many capabilities, but the main purpose of this malware is to mine cryptocurrency.

How Dangerous Impact of Plurox for Your Network Security

On the scale of 1-5, the danger of Plurox is a 5 in terms of danger. Hackers will infect your computer with their main purpose of mining cryptocurrency. However, Plurox is also equipped with a NSA backdoor grade into systems, everything in your company’s IT have the same level of risk to be infected by Plurox.

Plurox is designed around modular structure

Plurox contains a main component that allows Plurox bot to communicate with a command server and control. The team of Plurox use infected hosts to download and run files, and these files are called “plugins” that mostly contained by malware. Plurox is able to attack specifically based on your hardware and software configuration.

The Main Target of Plurox Attacks

Plurox is designed to mine cryptocurrency as quickly as possible, so that they prefer to target enterprises, not individual users. To help spread the virus effectively over the network, Plurox uses the NSA backdoor plugin to the local network. Basically, Plurox penetrates a company network security through firewalls. Through this way, a whole company network could be infected in a second.

If you want to protect your company safe from Plurox, the solution is to avoid downloading files from untrusted source. If you want to download application, then you have to recheck its source, and do verify before installation. To prevent your network optimally from Plurox, you need to consider to use the adequate antivirus solution to overcome Plurox threats.


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