Secure Email Gateway: Email Security Solution for Your Company

17 December 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Secure Email Gateway: Email Security Solution for Your Company

In the midst of technological and communication platforms advances, email has become one of the communication platforms that still exist and is used today. Email is widely used for promotion or internal company communication. Based on data from Fortinet, there are 4.1 billion email users worldwide, sending about 320 billion emails every day. Technological developments also affect the types and methods of more sophisticated cyberattacks; one of them is via email. Data from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report in 2021  explained that there was a 36% spike in phishing email attacks compared to the previous year. Therefore, every company needs to improve its cybersecurity system by ensuring no loopholes for cybercriminals to attack via email. Currently, email can be protected by using a Secure Email Gateway solution. Below is a brief explanation of Secure Email Gateway.

Description of Secure Email Gateway

Secure Email Gateway is an IT solution to protect email from malicious content and prevent it from entering recipient emails. In short, Secure Email Gateway will categorize the detected malicious email into a special place to ensure that all malicious content in the email does not reach the recipient’s email and prevent similar emails in the future. In addition, Secure Email Gateway can also protect networks and servers from being easily infiltrated by cybercriminals. Cybercriminals usually manipulate emails in the form of email bodies, attachments, and email addresses through networks and servers before the email reaches the recipient. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a Secure Email Gateway to significantly reduce the number of hacks of email users, email hosts, and sensitive company data.

Features and Benefits of Secure Email Gateway Solution

  1. Filter Spam

Secure Email Gateway has a spam filter feature that detects and prevents malicious emails from entering your inbox and automatically saves them as junk emails. So, emails that are detected as malicious will not be seen by email users. It is known that the Secure Email Gateway solution can detect spam up to 99.7%.

  1. Email Encryption

Secure Email Gateway has an email encryption feature, and this feature can disguise a company’s email by turning it into a code that hackers cannot read. This feature makes a company’s email difficult to hack because they are protected and monitored centrally.

  1. Antivirus

Secure Email Gateway is equipped with antivirus protection to filter emails and attachments from viruses and warn users if something suspicious is detected. If a virus is detected in an email and its attachments, the attachments will not be able to be downloaded and will be locked in the user’s email.


Secure Email Gateway as an Effective Solution to Avoid Cyber ​​Attacks via Email

Secure Email Gateway secures email by working as a barrier between the outside parties and an email account. The wall will protect two-way communications using an MTA (message transfer agent) or a programming application to scan email and implement email security. The wall or Secure Email Gateway will check email for spam, malware, and other company-specific elements. Secure Email Gateway solution can protect emails from cybercriminal threats such as phishing, spam, and various types of malware by scanning the contents of an email. Besides, this solution can also detect attempts to steal data from company systems and implement encryption to prevent email accounts from being accessed by cybercriminals.

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