How to Protect Your Organizations against Ransomware as a Service

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In the previous article, we have explained about Ransomware as a Service and how it works. This article will focus on solutions and strategies for organizations to take preventive action against Ransomware as a Service. These following solutions and strategies is expected to be the best way to protect your organizations against Ransomware as a Service. Let us find the answer.

1. Use a trusted and reliable anti-malware solution

To protect organization’s system from malicious threat, organizations need to use or install a reliable anti-malware solution. Use an anti-malware solution that works on advanced algorithms to detect and protect system from Ransomware by removing it automatically. An anti-malware solution can work automatically in the background to protect system against malware threats for 24 hours.

You can implement Vulnerability Management as a reliable anti-malware solution for your organization.

2. Backup Data

In general, ransomware attack target users’ sensitive and important data. Therefore, the first and simple step that you can do to protect your organizations from Ransomware is backup your data. You can backup your data on external drives or on cloud servers. By backuping your data, you can get your data back in case you suffer an Ransomware attack.

If you want to have better strategies to protect your organizations from this type of attack, you must implement advanced security solutions, such as Cloud Access Security Broker and Identity Governance.

3. Keep your software up-to-date

Usually, cyber criminals look for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in a system’s software. Therefore, keeping system software up-to-date is as important as backuping your data. The most updated software will offer you better security against all cyber threats because you will get better bug fixes, security patches and other useful features.

4. Do not click on suspicious links and attachments

As we discussed in the previous article, Ransomware works by using phishing emails and other exploit kits as their preferred method of attacking targets. Therefore, avoiding suspicious or unknown links and attachments will help you to protect organizations against Ransomware.  

To ensure better security and protect your organizations against Ransomware as a Service, you need to implement Web Isolation and Email Isolation.

5. Working together with trusted cyber security consultants

Last but not least, another important strategy and solution to protect organizations against Ransomware as a Service is working together with trusted cyber security consultants. This strategy allows organizations to combat Ransomware and other dangerous cyber threats.

A professional cyber security consultant will help organizations to find the right and customized solution to each businesses needs. You need to ensure that you choose a professional consultant who has a good track record in various cyber security fields and is able to assist your organizations to strategically assess, design, implement, operate and improve cyber security programs, from strategic planning to implementation phase.

Those 5 solutions and strategies can be implemented to protect your organizations against Ransomware as a Service, type of cyber attack that is predicted to be cyber attacks trends in 2021. You can contact Aplikas Servis Pesona at to find further information about solutions and strategies to protect your organizations against Ransomware as a Service.


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