Protect Privileged Account by using Privileged Access Management Solutions

06 May 2022

Protect Privileged Account by using Privileged Access Management Solutions

Technological advances present a wide range of technological solutions. One of the solutions presents a range of technological solutions to improve cybersecurity, from data security to user identity security. Multi-layered cybersecurity makes company cybersecurity even more complex. Some companies assume that overcoming cyber-attacks is enough to build a wall that would be 100% safe. However, it will not secure the company’s sensitive data. Privilege accounts are data that companies often forget. What is Privilege Account? How do we protect Privileged Accounts? Let’s look at the discussion.

Privileged Account: Account that Companies often Forget

Excerpt from CyberArk, it is known that 86 percent of large companies either do not know about their Privileged Account Security problem. At the same time, more than half of them share privileged passwords internally. So actually, what is a privileged account? Privileged accounts are user accounts that have more access than regular users. Privileged accounts exist for various purposes within the company, such as app installation or removal software and IoT devices that can improve the operating system or even modify the configuration of the system or application. Access to sensitive data that regular users cannot access can only be accessed with a privileged account.

The privileged account has become something that makes the company successful because it can access all sensitive data. However, this makes privileged accounts more vulnerable in company IT systems. Some of the problems of privileged accounts that make them more susceptible than other IT systems are because the account is not stopped when it is not used. After all, the privileged account can usually be used only for a limited duration.

Protect Privileged Accounts by using Privileged Access Management

Uncontrolled account management is the most common cause of problems with privileged accounts. IT teams are overwhelmed by keeping track of thousands of accounts on IT systems. Furthermore, integrations that are part of the DevOps methodology limit the scope of IT security. Problems that commonly occur in managing privileged accounts can be overcome by implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM). PAM solutions effectively protect companies and IT security in managing all existing privileged accounts. Here are the benefits of implementing PAM solutions for companies:

  1. Operational performance becomes more efficient

The complexity and anxiety of IT are decreased if companies use privileged access management solutions. This will make operational performance more efficient and improve business protection.

  1. Improve distributed workforce security

Using PAM solutions, it can be accessed on any device, anywhere and anytime.

  1. Prevent ransomware

Privileged access management can prevent lateral movement with a 100% success rate against more than 3 million types of ransomware.

  1. Improve DevOps and Cloud security

PAM solutions can improve access security for machine identities on DevOps pipelines.

Privileged accounts are often overlooked by companies, even though privileged accounts are the most important thing to protect because they are a connection to IT systems and access to other sensitive data owned by the company. Protect your company’s privileged account using privileged access management. You can implement privileged access management solutions with Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group. Aplikas Servis Pesona has been serving its IT security for more than 18 years in various industrial sectors.

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