The Necessity of Business Awareness of Privileged Account Security Problems

13 May 2022 Marketing Aplikas

The Necessity of Business Awareness of Privileged Account Security Problems

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, so all companies already use information technology to support their business and operating systems. But at the same time, the use of information technology must be accompanied by an awareness of the threats to information security systems. Information security is very important to notice because without regard to the security of information systems can bring risks for companies. This can provide a cybercriminal gap in taking over the company’s information systems. Cases of cyberattacks are surging in today’s digital era. Most cyberattacks will target privileged account users’ access credentials. As we can see, the company should be aware of the necessity to take preventative actions by maintaining continuous privileged account security. However, most companies are unconcerned with the security of privileged accounts and provide open access to the company’s internal network, even though fraudsters target sensitive data on privileged accounts.

Why is Privileged Account Security so important?

A privileged account is developed for the company’s most trusted individuals to have access to special systems and to keep track of the company’s most valuable assets and information. The firm will require comprehensive control over the privileged account at this point, including the ability to audit usage, impose automatic time limits, and revoke access as needed. If cybercriminals get privileged account access, they have access to all of the company’s sensitive information by using remote access tools, stealing as much data as possible, and even conducting fraud. From it can be concluded that privileged account security management is the main priority for protecting company information. Therefore, companies need to know the optimal solution to confront and minimize the risk of security threats to their privileged accounts.

How to Maximize Privileged Account Security Management?

One way to create complete control to protect the security of a company’s privileged account is to use Privileged Access. Privileged access can control the entire security of the company’s data, infrastructure, and assets if correctly managed. But if not, the right of access can even have a negative impact because it can be a gap for cybercriminals to hack company data and information.

When a company considers the function of Privileged Access, that is crucial for the company, so the Privileged Access Management solution becomes one of the most effective solutions to maintain their IT security. By selecting and implementing Privileged Access Management or PAM solutions correctly, most cyber threats can be addressed.

To maximize Privileged Access security controls, Companies need to select a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that meets their objectives and goals to maximize Privileged Access security controls. So, how to find that answer? Companies need to collaborate with IT security partners with a lot of experience in implementing PAM solutions.

As an Indonesian IT security solution provider, Aplikas Servis Pesona offers Privileged Access Management solutions to help the company improve its information security. The Aplikas Servis Pesona expert team has been certified in providing the right IT security solution for the company’s information security.

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