Preventing Malware Attacks on Websites with Web Isolation

29 November 2019

Preventing Malware Attacks on Websites with Web Isolation

Everyone is almost completely dependent on the internet to find out every information. Therefore, risk of being attacked by malware is even higher than before. Recently, Gartner announced their latest research about cyber attacks. Their research says that browser is the main source of all cyber attacks. Many companies claims that they have been used an anti-malware solution to secure all web-based activities for their main users who have important role in their business. In fact, the number of malware attacks continues to increase due to unsafe browsing activity.

You need to know that using traditional anti-malware solution is no longer effective in preventing malware attacks. Nowadays, all companies have to move from traditional anti-malware solutions to deal with malware attacks. This solution is called Web Isolation (also called browser isolation), an IT security solution that guarantees security and protects important information from malware attacks by isolating and executing all websites used by users. Web Isolation will prevent malware attacks before it can reach the user’s device.



Here are the benefits of using Web Isolation:

  • Web Isolation will prevent users from receiving unknown code submissions on their visited websites and submitting corporate credentials and other sensitive information to unknown and malicious websites, therefore, users can be avoided from various types of web-based attacks.
  • Web Isolation can remove risky browser plug-ins, and reduce Flash and Java vulnerabilities that have been exploited by hackers.
  • Web Isolation increases employee productivity by securing every access to web-based content, your employees can explore every web-based content without worrying about the possibility of being a target for malware attacks.

To help companies preventing malware attacks due to unsafe browsing activity, Aplikas Servis Pesona, an IT security solutions company, offers Web Isolation solutions to facilitate your employees’ browsing activities. Providing Web Isolation solutions from Menlo Security, this solution is worth to consider because it secures dangerous activities.

Users can be a significant source of vulnerabilities. Therefore, isolation technology is considered to be the most effective solution for any vulnerabilities since it guarantees users’ browsing activities. Various types of cyber attacks can be handled perfectly with Web Isolation.


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