Placing Cyber Security at the Core of Transformation in Healthcare Industry

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The rise of digital transformation in various industries must be followed by the implementation of adequate cybersecurity. Why is that so? Unconsciously, we know that technology brings advantages for business sectores but it also brings new challenges.

An example of industry which in rise of doing digital transformation is healthcare. Unfortunately, the rise of digital transformation in healthcare is followed by the increasing number of cyber attacks. This case becomes a global issue, which include Indonesia as the main target of attackers.

According to the Fortinet’s research, “88% healthcare organizations are experiencing cyber attacks through email in 2020. Attackers intend to steal their data by using various methods such as malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and SQL injections.”

The research says it all. It proves that the rise of digital transformation in healthcare industry is not aligned with well-prepared strategies to avoid the risk of cyber attacks.

Cyber security challenges to healthcare industry

In most cases, cyber attacks in healthcare industry targeting their data that is stored in Hospital Management Information System, which contains all information about medical records, diagnosis, laboratory results, patient receipts to detailed payment information.

Attackers are using various methods to gain access to the system, the most commonly used method is via email. Email is the most powerful weapon for them to attack companies, because most parties within company are careless and ignorant about the importance of email security.

The right solutions to avoid cyber attacks in healthcare industry

From the topic that we have mentioned earlier, it is concluded that the rise of digital transformation in healthcare industry will always be followed by the rise of cyber attacks. It is obvious that the journey of digital transformation is not easy, all companies need proper strategies to prepare and make them able to response unexpected incidents – like adopting cyber security solutions into all digitalization processes.

To place cyber security at the core of digital transformation journey, Aplikas Servis Pesona as an IT security solutions provider in Indonesia comes with various advanced IT security solutions to help healthcare industry strengthen their digital transformation without compromising its security.

Aplikas Servis Pesona provides advanced IT security solutions for healthcare industry, such as data loss prevention, identity and access management, privileged access management,  web and email isolation, phishing isolation, network security, next-gen antivirus, threat intelligence, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, endpoint detection response, cloud security, security information and event management, and other IT security solutions that can be customized to each organization’s use cases.

To get further information about advanced IT security solutions for healthcare industry, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at

Being ignorant to the importance of cyber security will only give you financial losses because it is a powerful way for attackers to make exploitation, and also causing immaterial losses such as reputation damage, as well as company credential disclosure.

The healthcare industry needs to pay extra attention to the risk of cyber attacks, since it becomes the most highlighted industry during the pandemic period all over the world. Then, placing cyber security at the core of transformation in healthcare industry is more important than ever before.


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