Moving to the Cloud? First Learn to Prepare 4 Security Solutions with These Capabilities

15 October 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Moving to the Cloud? First Learn to Prepare 4 Security Solutions with These Capabilities

In today’s environment, companies need technology support that delivers the flexibility and agility, so that they can adapt quickly to today’s dynamic business environment. According to these needs, there are so many industry analyst says that cloud technology will continue to grow as companies seek ways to slash costs and increase business resilience and agility amidst these unprecendented times. However, even cloud-based technology offer several benefits and advantages, you need to first learn about its security challenges before moving to the cloud.

If you are planning to move to the cloud, now it is time to find more information to prepare security solutions with certain capabilities. Here are the points:

#1 A solution that offers scalability

As your business grows, your security needs will grow as well. Before moving to the cloud, IT teams need to prepare IT solutions to scale up or down as needed to provide full protection to your entire organization.

#2 Integrated security

Before moving to the cloud, you need to find integrated security. It means that companies need to look for a cloud-native security platform that can offer a cloud security posture management solution, cloud workload protection, and container security in a single and unified solution. With these unified solutions, companies can optimize security perotection with minimum supervision, and companies do nit depend on several tools that cost much.  

#3 Monitor and protect systems against cyber attacks 24/7

When it comes to cloud security, simplicity is a must. IT security teams need automated security monitoring and protection tools to do their tasks easier with more effective result from traditional IT security solution.

#4 Comprehensive solution

Before moving to the cloud, IT security teams need to prepare security solutions that can monitor digital environment and provide full visibility on company security postures. By utilizing solutions with advanced automation capabilities, IT security teams can speed up the most dangerous cyber attacks identification and define which are the most dangerous attacks that they need to solve.

Protecting data, systems and applications in cloud begins with having an obvious view of what is happening in entire company environment. As more companies moving to the cloud computing, then finding the right security solutions with 4 capabilities that we have mentioned earlier is a must. As cyber attacks types and methods targeting business continue to evolve, companies need to adapt more quickly by choosing the right security solution.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, as an IT security solutions provider in Indonesia, offers security solutions that help IT security teams to have complete visibility on their entire IT environment and monitor cyber attacks move continuously in cloud environment.

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