Monitor Cyber Attack Threats Real-time using SIEM

27 May 2022

Monitor Cyber Attack Threats Real-time using SIEM

The skill of cyberattacks to hack into enterprise data is improving. Cyberattacks are a threat that may attack enterprises at any time. To prevent the threat of cyberattacks, enterprises must take immediate action. Nowadays, companies can monitor cyberattack threats in real-time using SIEM. SIEM or Security Information and Event Management can collect existing security information from networks, applications, and hardware log data. Then, why does SIEM important for enterprises? What are the benefits for enterprises in implementing SIEM to prevent cyberattacks? Consider the following explanation.

Why Is It Important to Use SIEM?

SIEM is important because it makes it easier for enterprises to manage security by filtering massive amounts of security data and prioritizing the security alerts generated by SIEM software. Undetected incidents will be easily detected with SIEM software. In addition, SIEM software analyzes entry logs to detect malicious activities. Without SIEM software, enterprises would have to gather log data and compile reports manually. The enterprise can profit through automation because Security Information and Event Management can reconstruct the chronology of attacks, allowing enterprises to determine attacks’ nature and impact on businesses by aggregating events from several sources throughout the network. Security Information and Event Management may also automatically generate reports as an outcome of this to assist enterprises in meeting compliance.

Benefits of SIEM

Other benefits of using SIEM on a security system that enterprises should be aware of:

  1. Increasing visibility

SIEM will identify and track threats. Cyberthreat hunting involves managing strategic, tactical, and operational components so that Security Information and Event Management can understand how cyberattack threats penetrate networks and detect and give automated solutions to avoid the threat.

  1. Reduced response time

Security Information and Event Management can use global threat intelligence to increase the speed with which suspicious or malicious IP address traffic is discovered. In addition, the manner in which incoming threats and exchanges have happened can be swiftly detected, decreasing the response time that is normally positioned against environments.

  1. Real-time integration and visibility

All enterprise security infrastructures are integrated with Security Information and Event Management to enable real-time insight into the company’s security architectural landscape.

  1. Streamline workflows

Enterprises can streamline workflows by implementing Security Information and Event Management to create a single report covering all important log security events using multi-source data logs. This will deliver a user experience that is analytics-focused. As a result, there will be more flexible, more straightforward modifications and a quicker reaction for investigators.

  1. Meet compliance

Security Information and Event Management also provides compliance tasks such as simplifying auditing and governance.

Nowadays, automation may be used to detect the potential of cyber attacks on enterprises. Security Information and Event Management will provide enterprises with real-time visibility in monitoring the movement of cyberattack threats. Aplikas Service Pesona is an IT security company that offers SIEM services to enterprises. If you want to implement SIEM solutions for your company, you can collaborate with one of these Phintraco Group subsidiaries.


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