Modernization of Digital Customer Experience

18 February 2022 Marketing Aplikas

Modernization of Digital Customer Experience

Currently, business development is running very fast. The company continues to look for strategic steps to increase revenue at a low capital cost to develop its business optimally. This move was also taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on data compiled from Forgerock, it is known that as much as 2 trillion dollars are spent annually to carry out digital transformation around the world. This data proves that digital transformation is being carried out worldwide to improve customer experience. Other data from ForgeRock also shows that 80% of companies that offer a great customer experience will outperform their competitors. The company realizes the importance of digital customer experience because many channels are moving to digital. However, presenting a digital customer experience is also challenging because it can either benefit the business or destroy it if the customer experience offered does not satisfy the customer.

Digital Customer Experience Problems

Many companies want to build customer loyalty and profitability through an integrated customer experience. Other companies are boosting their customer experience, but there are still many obstacles in reality. As a result, the company experiences operational inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction. Below are some of the digital customer experience problems and their impact on the company:

  1. Low Customer Acquisition

Currently, many companies have websites outside the marketplace. One of the purposes is to improve the customer experience. However, if the customer experience offered does not make the customer comfortable, this will result in low customer acquisition. This problem occurs due to the complexity of the account registration process, many inactive accounts, and no sales conversions.

  1. Bad Customer Experience

Websites that often experience downtime and do not show some service in the application are reasons customers have a bad experience. This problem will have an impact on declining revenue and will make customers switch to competitors.

  1. Poor Security and Privacy

Customer data theft is rife. Triggering factors that cause customer data theft are security controls that exceed the time limit and manual processes to control compliance. If your company experiences data theft, you will lose your reputation, customer loyalty, and trust.

Modernization of Digital Customer Experience

Many companies are experiencing problems in digital customer experience. This issue can lead to inefficient operational performance and poor customer experience. Currently, companies can overcome this by modernizing their digital customer experience. Customer identity and access management solutions commonly known as CIAM can modernize your company’s digital customer experience. Implementing the solutions can achieve a digitalized, secure, and seamless customer experience. Your company will increase long-term growth, profitability, and customer loyalty by using the CIAM solution.


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