IT Security Solutions to Ensure the Integrity of Files and Systems

18 April 2021 Marketing Aplikas

IT Security Solutions to Ensure the Integrity of Files and Systems

In today’s enterprise environment, changes to files and IT systems are just part of day to day activities. However, did you realize that the large volume of changes are the few that can bring negative impact to the file or system integrity?

Changes made to the files and systems is often out of our hand. In this case, it is hard to ensure the integrity of files and systems within enterprise environment. It will fall out of alignment with security or compliance policies, such as malicious threats or unauthorized access.

To solve this challenge, company need to detect all changes – capture details about each change, and use the details to determine if a change introduces normal activity, security risk or non-compliance. By implementing advanced IT security solutions, you can capture all essential parts in real time to stop attacks or potential attacks.

IT Security Solutions to Ensure the Integrity of Files and Systems

To ensure the integrity of files and systems, now enterprises can implement IT security solutions that combines the capabilities of detecting all changes within files and systems at once. Together with Tripwire, Aplikas Servis Pesona offers Tripwire Enterprise – an IT security solutions that combine the features of capabilities of File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solutions and Security Configuration Management (SCM).

Why Should Enterprise Implement Tripwire Enterprise and Which Features Are Offered?

By implementing Tripwire Enterprise, enterprise will get full control over their IT environment. It allows IT teams to constantly and automatically keep critical file and system files under control if they have been destroyed or modified by unauthorized user, then to know immediately what was compromised and fix it. Here are the features offered by Tripwire Enterprise:

· Detect all changes in real-time

Detecting all changes in file and systems in real-time, and shortens the time it takes to catch damage from threats, anomalies, and suspicious changes.

· Full IT systems visibility

Tripwire Enterprise comes with features that gives you deep visibility into enterprise security system to analyze security posture at all times.

· Extensive app integration

It removes the gap between IT and security by integrating both teams’ existing toolsets.

· Support automated compliance

By using a solution that offers both File Integrity Monitoring and Security Configuration Management capabilities, enterprise can ensure regulatory compliance standards.

The Capabilities of Tripwire Enterprise

In addition to superior features, Tripwire Enterprise also comes with intelligence capabilities for its users. What are the capabilities offered by Tripwire Enterprise? Here are the details:

·  Superior Change Intelligence

Every vulnerability begins with a single change. To prevent those breaches, enterprises can implement Tripwire Enterprise that gives a total visibility into each change on IT infrastructure.

· Compliance Enforcement

If enterprises are implementing Tripwire Enterprise, passing audits do not have to be difficult. Tripwire Enterprise automates compliance evidence for enterprise for saving time and budget on preparation with audit reporting. It supports compliance regulations like PCI, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO and NERC.

· Security Automation and Remediation

When everything becomes digital, advanced technology is everywhere, then you need to prepare about the worst case of cyber attacks. Enterprises are under pressure to protect sensitive data in a rapidly-evolving threat landscape. With Tripwire Enterprise, enterprises can automate the risk remediation of cyber attacks. This capability allows IT teams to investigate the root causes in detail give you the most important information like what changed, how, when and by whom.

Detecting change in enterprise IT environment is a foundational control necessary to ensure that assets are maintained successfully and securely. Aplikas Servis Pesona, as an IT security solutions provider in Indonesia, is committed to help all enterprises ensure the integrity of files and systems, making enterprise’s security postures become even more resilient against risk activities.

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