IPS Simplifies and Improves Enterprise IT Teams’ Network Security Management

14 October 2022 Marketing Aplikas

IPS Simplifies and Improves Enterprise IT Teams’ Network Security Management

Information technology development is accelerating, particularly in the field of networks. This internet network is not new because it can be found everywhere, including in offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and universities. The importance of computer network security in an internet network cannot be overstated. Network security is crucial for corporate or organizational IT departments to prevent and preserve data integrity and validity. In addition, network security can ensure the safety of its users’ services. To simplify the IT team’s network security management so that it is not disrupted or harmed by viruses or attacks. Therefore, a suitable network security system is required to prevent and counteract these attacks.

Overview of IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

More than two-thirds of IT teams find it challenging to manage company security, according to the CIO Perspectives 2020 survey. In addition, the acceleration of digital transformation and the rising trend of working remotely represent new challenges in the business world as it exists today. There are two major obstacles to overcome: security and complexity. Vendor consolidation is one method for addressing this complexity. IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is a solution for companies to manage unprecedented security challenges. IPS is useful for detecting and preventing potential network attacks. IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is software that detects and prevents network intrusions. IPS improves security

How IPS Simplifies and Improves IT Teams’ Network Security Management

IPS enables integration with your company’s end-to-end security infrastructure to address current and future security challenges. So that it can offer a consistent and straightforward user experience. In addition, IPS can consolidate network visibility, enable automation, and strengthen network security. With IPS capabilities, your organization’s IT staff will be able to manage network security with ease. IPS improves security

  1. Complete Public Cloud Security System

IPS is a solution that assists your company’s IT department in securing the public cloud used to store data or run applications.

  1. Secure Virtual Environment

Physical security devices may not be designed to protect cloud-based data. For this reason, a virtual security device based on IPS is required to secure the traffic between virtual machines. IPS enables your company’s IT department to exercise effective security controls over cloud-stored data.

  1. Streamlining Workflows

IPS can simplify monitoring by automatically transmitting information whenever an external party attacks the system. IPS improves security

  1. Integrated Security System

IPS integrates with numerous third-party solutions to increase visibility, allowing your company’s IT team to be notified whenever and wherever an attack occurs.

This explains how IPS can simplify and enhance your company’s IT team’s network security management. Pintraco Group subsidiaries Aplikas Servis Pesona can assist your company in implementing network security solutions. And a system that integrates with the enterprise network’s mission-critical network security requirements. As a company specializing in IT security, Aplikas Service Pesona’s solution for network security is an intrusion prevention system (IPS). IPS is a strategic approach to security intelligence that employs networks to identify, prevent, and mitigate threats from both internal and external sources. The primary objective of an IPS solution is to simplify a high-visibility security environment.


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