Increased Intensity of Cyberattacks in the Digital Transformation Era

20 August 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Increased Intensity of Cyberattacks in the Digital Transformation Era

The intensity of cyberattacks are predicted to grow rapidly in Indonesia following the increasingly development of digital transformation. The use of connected devices create new entry points for hackers to steal confidential information easily.

While the digital transformation presents many new opportunities to businesses, it also brings challenges. Some of the most prevalent are the evolving security needs that come with its digital activities.

Here are some of the changes to be aware of:

  • Expanded entry points

The more applications, data and processes that move into digital create new entry points. New entry points mean more opportunities for hackers. It will make your IT security teams difficult to figure out all vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Higher potential for damage

The potential for damage due to data breach is also greater than it has ever been. Data is extremely valuable to today’s businesses, and more devices are now internet-connected, meaning they could be hacked.

  • Increased sophistication of attacks

Not only are the techniques of hackers changing rapidly, but also it becomes more sophisticated. Previously, we have created an article about cyber threat trends and predictions for 2020. You can find out about trends and predictions of cyberattacks in 2020 by clicking the link:

Cyber security solutions for the digital transformation

Companies should anticipate the risks of increased intensity of cyberattacks. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Provide training for teams

Lack of cyber security knowledge leads to more threats. Therefore, providing regular training to IT security teams to boost performance is a must. The training must regularly cover topics around cybersecurity risks and how to prevent it, such as knowing the characteristics of phishing emails.

  • Do regular penetration testing

Conduct a regular penetration testing to find all potential vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve its security.

  • Automate cyber security monitoring process

To automate monitoring process, you need the best and useful IT security solution. Automating the process will give many benefits, such as time efficiency. By using automatic systems to detect potential vulnerabilities and threats, companies will be able to do take the right action to protect them from attacks.

To implement these solutions, Aplikas Servis Pesona as an IT security solutions provider, provides solutions to help companies avoid the increased intensity of cyberattacks in digital transformation era.

Aplikas Servis Pesona provides a wide range of IT security solutions such as end-to-end IT solutions, Privileged Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Data Loss Prevention, Digital Rights Management, File Integrity and Compliance, Next Generation SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Web & Email Isolation, Network Traffic Analytic, Software-Defined Parameter, etc.  And also, Aplikas Servis Pesona provides IT security consultant and penetration testing services.

To protect your companies from cyberattacks, you need proactive, integrated and automated approaches. Let’s figure out where you are at risk and do something to reduce the intensity of cyber attacks by implementing the best IT security solutions and partnering with company that has experienced and certified IT security teams.

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