Implementing SIEM Solution to Detect Potential Cyber Attacks

03 June 2022

Implementing SIEM Solution to Detect Potential Cyber Attacks

The increasing use of the internet in the pandemic era requires the serious attention of every organization’s IT support team to monitor and detect cybersecurity risks. Cyberattacks will continue to be a menace as long as we are linked to the internet, which serves as a portal for organizations and enterprises to communicate and service clients and access developing companies. However, with the site’s launch, potential security breaches by cyber hackers are becoming more likely. The next issue is how the IT support team can rapidly and precisely detect possible threats so that urgent action can be taken.

Traditional Approach

Best practices such as regular updates, keeping antivirus active, and backing up your data are essential for avoiding security risks. However, this is a reactive plan, but not enough to stay safe from cybercriminals. Because security vulnerabilities evolve so quickly, many security threats escape antivirus software. Therefore, it is not enough just with antivirus protection.

Modern Approach

Now is the time for cybersecurity to be equipped with SIEM to protect against potential cyberattacks and identify any anomalies in apps or services. The solutions for monitoring the system for potential threats have also developed due to the new approach. SIEM is one solution that is quickly gaining favor for ensuring the overall security of organizations’ networks and systems.

How Can SIEM Help Cyberattack Analysis?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management and is a type of real-time security. SIEM is a software system that detects the security of alerts generated by network hardware and applications and provides detailed analysis and reports for a thorough knowledge of what these alerts are and how they may arise.

In analyzing potential attacks that may occur, SIEM will identify, monitor, record, and analyze security events or incidents in an IT environment. SIEM will provide information or insights to IT security teams regarding an organization’s IT environment’s track record or actions. With SIEM, an organization’s IT security team can identify and respond to various threats. Companies that have used SIEM management will have a complete understanding and detailed record of all activities occurring on their IT networks.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, is confident in its ability to assist organizations in enhancing cybersecurity tactics, one of which is through the presenting of Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM solution.


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