Have You Used the Right Solution for Endpoint Security?

08 July 2019 Marketing Aplikas

Have You Used the Right Solution for Endpoint Security?

Every company has a high-risk security threats from hackers that endanger the security of each company’s network. That is the reason why endpoint security is indispensable for company  of all sizes and small business that may never worry about network security threats.

To overcome this problem, companies can use endpoint security system, but you have to know first about endpoint security system. Endpoint security is a system that protects computers and other devices from attacks on network or cloud security. Endpoint security has evolved, which was originally a traditional antivirus software, now become a comprehensive protection against malware and other unknown software threats.

Why is endpoint security crucial for your business?

Endpoint security is crucial because hackers use vulnerable endpoint security as an entry point to download malware and move across network that has high value assets.

As the number and sophistication of endpoint attacks continues to develop, the need for the right endpoint security solution will be increasingly needed. The right endpoint security system from McAfee, McAfee Endpoint Security, is designed to quickly detect, analyze, and block attacks. To do the process, the system will collaborate with other security technologies to provide administrator visibility from advanced threats in order to speed up time in responding, detecting and creating improvements.

Typically, endpoint security solutions will include these following components:

  • Machine-learning classification to detect and follow up the unknown threats accurately
  • Speed up the protection of endpoints on targeted attacks.
  • Advanced antimalware and antivirus protection to protect, detect and repair malware quickly using machines that work efficiently on various devices and operating systems.
  • Proactive web security to ensure safe browsing with web protection and filter for endpoints.
  • An integrated firewall to block malicious network attacks, use reputation values to protect botnet endpoints, DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats, and suspicious web connections.
  • Follow-up on forensic threats that allow administrators to quickly isolate infection occurred, and the length of exposure to understand threats and react faster.
  • Centralized endpoint management platform to improve visibility, simplify operations, increase IT productivity, integrate security, and reduce costs.
  • The security endpoint arrangement can be expanded to allow endpoints to collaborate and communicate for stronger defense.

McAfee’s endpoint security solution provides the simplicity protection and operational solutions for your diverse endpoint environment. McAfee Endpoint Security offers more sufficient endpoint protection than existing endpoint security solutions we have known before.

The benefits you will get from McAfee’s endpoint security solutions are:

  1. Core threat prevention

Anti-virus, exploit prevention, firewall, and web controls that communicate with each other.

  1. Machine learning

Advanced techniques that can identify malicious codes based on appearance and behavior.

  1. Application containment

Limit the impact of suspicious files and malware that are not detected by blocking and storing them before they can infect or spread in your environment.

  1. Endpoint detection and response

McAfee Endpoint Security solution has an integrated, automatic, and adaptable endpoint detection and its response technology is easy to use and makes incident responses as simple as possible or in just a single click.



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