Fulfill The Need of Network Security to Optimize Business Efficiency

31 October 2019

Fulfill The Need of Network Security to Optimize Business Efficiency

In this modern era of technology, cyber attacks are increasing day by day thus increasing the need of network security. This concern makes companies need to fulfill the need of network security, especially for enterprise that uses internet in all their business activities. The efficiency of network security systems is needed to protect data and reduce the risk of becoming the victim of cyber attacks.

No matter how big your businesses are, you have to make sure that you have the best network security to prevent the data breaches. Therefore, fulfill the needs of network security is very crucial to improve your business efficiency.

As various types of cyber attacks continue to grow, the presence of data security is increasingly needed, especially for network-based security approaches. Quoting from Gartner’s article about the Security Operation Center Visibility Triad, there are 3 main components related to visibility in IT Security. Those are:

SOC Visibility Triad

For the visibility of endpoint level, it is supported by EDR. Then, for the visibility of infrastructure and perimeter security devices are supported by SIEM which works to collect log and correlate them. For the last is NDR / NTA. Many organizations do not aware about NDR / NTA, yet there is a lot of information in Network Traffic and those are real-time information, so it can’t be manipulated.

Phintraco Group is committed to helping companies improve their network security. Because of that purpose, we present a Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solution.

One of the leading products of NTA solutions is ExtraHop Reveal (x). ExtraHop Reveal (x) is a Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solution that serves a company’s IT team to prevent data misuse by utilizing communication network as a source to detect and investigate unusual behavior in the network.

ExtraHop Reveal (x) Advantage

  • Complete visibility

ExtraHop Reveal (x) has features that are able to Instantly and automatically identify data, give complete visibility to operators to see a complete network traffic activity, provide early reports if there is something unusual behavior, then give recommendations for the best actions that should be taken by the company’s IT security team.

  • Real-time detection

In addition, ExtraHop Reveal (x) is able to analyze any data on your network traffic in real-time. You do not need to spend a lot of time to see all data manually, so you are able to decide the best actions faster if unusual activity happens.

Reveal (x) – An Important Part of Network Security Ecosystem

For companies that wants to find a network-based security approach to auto-discover and classify every transaction session, device, and the most valuable asset in your company, now is the perfect time to consider a Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solution as a best way to help identify, manage, determine urgency, take real quick action to prevent hackers having access to control your company network and hacking the most valuable assets for your business sustainability.

By using a NTA solution, you are able to fulfill all needs of network security for your company. Your network performance will consistently improve and it helps your business run more efficiently.

Reveal (x) is the only product for a Network Traffic Analysis solution that provides scaling, speed, and visibility to support your company’s IT security team to detect and respond to threats that are in complex network architectures, containerized applications and cloud.

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