Examples SIEM Use Cases on Company IT Security Systems

10 June 2022

Examples SIEM Use Cases on Company IT Security Systems

Every aspect of life is inextricably linked to the use of technology. This encourages digital transformation in various company activities and procedures. Therefore, many industries are transforming their services and processes. However, it will be a challenge as the risk of security vulnerabilities increases. Cyberattacks are becoming more diversified and widespread, causing the industrial sector to enhance security measures on its IT systems. The usage of security information and event management, or SIEM, is extremely beneficial since it functions as a program and tool for detecting abnormalities in applications and services and preventing potential cyberattacks.

Examples of SIEM Use Cases

There are many cybersecurity solutions that companies can implement. The company’s cybersecurity investment must be based on existing demands and issues. Here are 4 examples of SIEM use cases on company IT security systems that you need to know:

  1. Network Security Threats

The most critical use cases for SIEM are network security risks. The attack cannot be stopped just by prevention. To protect against emerging threats, IT security teams must realize that new paradigms are required. With SIEM solutions, You can identify more and monitor cyberattacks. SIEM will collect all of the information You need regarding the cyber threat that happened. Therefore, Your company’s IT security team knows what to do next. Your IT security team can utilize detection and monitoring to prevent a persistent threat before impacting.

  1. IoT Security

One of the most dangerous cases facing companies usually involves IoT devices. Even if it is very beneficial for workflows, like other electronic devices that depend on the internet, IoT can also be attacked. The simplicity obtained through IoT is also comparable to the ease of cybercriminals to attack the IoT security you use.

  1. Compliance

Companies that use SIEM get the convenience of compliance reporting to meet audits with available reporting standards, allowing them to save resources while meeting the provisions of IT security audits. On the other side, SIEM protocols can be built to collect data automatically to comply with company policies and detect unwanted network connections.

  1. Preventing Insider Threats

Another SIEM use case involves insider threats. Insider threats require a strategy to prevent. Insider attacks are frequently unreported, especially because they already have easy access to critical company assets.

Insider attacks can now be prevented using machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, basic user behavior can be assigned to all user accounts and entities in the network. Comparing recent user activity to basic behavior can assist in detecting suspicious activity and alerting your IT security team.

Based on the four cases of SIEM use discussed above, it is possible to conclude that a company must invest in their business’s cybersecurity because only in this way can they feel more secure about all systems, networks, and data owned. Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, is confident in its ability to assist companies in enhancing their cybersecurity strategy as a solution provider focused on IT Security Solutions, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

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