Essential Elements of Identity Security Every Company Must Have

08 April 2022 Marketing Aplikas

Essential Elements of Identity Security Every Company Must Have

Online fraud and identity theft may not always come to everyone’s mind when completing online transactions that require their personal identification. Many people do not understand or even worry about the dangers of this. In fact, identity theft accounts for at least 94% of security breaches that occur in companies. Companies that store a lot of identity data from various parties need to improve their identity security to minimize every possible smallest risk.

Easy Access to Digital Data Puts Identity Security at Risk

The company holds thousands and even millions of identities in its system, including the identities of employees, contractors, and business partners. As the virtual and flexible work trend explodes today, many companies implement new systems to ensure that every employee’s daily tasks run smoothly and productively. Intentionally or unintentionally, the company has exposed identity security to risks in this process. For many companies, this risk can generate huge losses. Thus, companies must recognize that each identity storage connection point is essential for security and stability.

3 Essential Elements of Identity Security Every Company Must Have

So how do you deal with a complex problem like the one described above? With the help of intelligence, automation, and integration. These three elements are essential to building a solid foundation of identity security. Find out more in the following explanation.

1.        Intelligence

With AI-enhanced system detection and visibility, your company can offer solid and superior identity security to stay ahead. Your company systems will also quickly analyze, report, and periodically manage any identity security rules with the help of AI and machine learning.

2.        Automation

Automation can simplify access while detecting and preventing privileged or compromised access from identity storage systems. Adding an automated identity security system saves time and allows the IT team to focus more on the issue or something else.

3.        Integration

Identity allows companies to manage and control digital identity access in the system. The ability to manage access for all users, applications, and company data across your cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure can be easily extended with integration. Integrate enterprise-wide systems for a secure, user-centric experience.


When a company establishes a security strategy focusing on identity security, employees will be more empowered, secured, and not restricted. Now is the time for your company to reevaluate your company security strategy to ensure that identity security is a priority. Implement your company’s identity security solution with Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group.



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