Ensuring the Integrity of Files with File Integrity Monitoring

11 April 2021

Ensuring the Integrity of Files with File Integrity Monitoring

In today’s modern era, data is the greatest assets for every company. All data are saved in certain files that contain credentials for business continuity. Because of its “valuable” characteristic, then ensuring the integrity of files is a must for each company.

To ensure the integrity of files, IT teams need to monitor and detect all activities within a file – including who have an access, its movements, and to whom the data in the file is shared.

In order to ensure the integrity of company’s files and avoid the security risks, companies can start to implement an IT security solution: File Integrity Monitoring.

What is File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)?

It is an IT security solution to ensure the integrity of files by identifying unauthorized file modifications that could indicate a malicious threats.

In an organization, file integrity monitoring is largely implemented as a security solution to detect file modification and to meet obligations such as regulatory compliance.

FIM monitors all file modification that are located on databases, servers, applications, network devices, directory servers, and cloud environments. This solution delivers information about how, why, and by whom files have been modified and when it is necessary, it can also restore the files to a previous version.

What are the key features of truly effective file integrity monitoring?

Deciding the right IT investment is similar to deciding business strategy. Both of them need well-thought-out plan. One of the key attributes to consider before implementing IT solutions is understanding the features and capabilities offered by the solution, then you need to make sure it has all that your business need.

When you have a plan to implement file integrity monitoring, make sure it offers these features:

  • Detecting file modification in real-time
  • Identifying exactly what modified and by whom
  • Determining which modification increase risk
  • Determining which modification result in non-compliance
  • Distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized modification

Choosing the right solutions to support business success is not an easy task. However, you can solve this challenge by finding trusted IT security solutions provider for your long-term business partner.

If you intend to implement file integrity monitoring, you can work together with Aplikas Servis Pesona – an IT security solutions provider in Indonesia. Aplikas Servis Pesona offers File Integrity Monitoring solutions from Tripwire, a security solution used to ensure the integrity of files and it offers all the key features that I have previously mentioned. By implementing file integrity monitoring solutions, companies will have these capabilities:

· Full visibility of file modifications in details

This feature allows companies to capture all the modification and give the details of what, when, and who made the change.

· Detect all file modification based on the highest level of priority

In most cases, a FIM solution is considered as “noises” due to the huge volume of changes these solutions detect and report on – it detects and reports all activity on a file without determining the level of priority, so that mostly, the report is not relevant to its objectives.

If you have implemented a FIM solution and face that challenge, then it is a sign for you to replace your existing FIM solution with a more effective one. Aplikas Servis Pesona provides file integrity monitoring solutions that have auto-reconciliation capabilities from the detected changes to streamline the monitoring process and differentiate based on the level of its urgency – from normal to malicious changes.

Aplikas Servis Pesona offers powerful suite of IT security solutions with advanced capabilities to help companies ensure their overall security postures.

By implementing file integrity monitoring solutions, IT teams can quickly identify attacks and mistakes that threaten data integrity based on the sensitivity level of each file. Furthermore, this solution provides not just all the core capabilities needed for file integrity monitoring, but also for easier regulatory compliance – making FIM solutions as the most important one for companies to be included in their IT security strategy.

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