Data Loss Prevention Help Company Avoid Losing Data

25 February 2022

Data Loss Prevention Help Company Avoid Losing Data

In early 2022, the public was shocked by the leak of population data from government servers. This incident made the public anxious and worried about their personal data. Data leaks can happen to anyone and anywhere. The government needs to be aware of this, but companies must also be vigilant and avoid data leakage and loss of important data owned by the company. Hence, cyber​​security needs to be improved to protect the company from cyberattacks. Companies can use Data Loss Prevention to prevent the loss of important company data. What is Data Loss Prevention? Let us take a look at the following explanation.

Data Loss Prevention: An Overview

Data Loss Prevention, commonly called DLP, is a technology solution to improve company data security. DLP solution consists of a series of tools that can protect company data or information from data breaches and intentional or unintentional data destruction. This solution also helps companies maintain data security while meeting data compliance.

One Solution Many Uses

Using a DLP solution not only can prevent the loss of company data. The Data Loss Prevention solution offers many benefits and other uses if your company uses this solution. Below are some of the things that DLP solution can do:

Protect Data

The company’s important data and information can be protected wherever it is located, whether on the network, cloud, or endpoints.

Meet Compliance

The automatic reporting from DLP will continuously meet the compliance and protect personal data.

Simplify Management and Deployment

Having flexible deployment options like DLP makes the workflows simpler and policies well-managed.

Centralized Reporting

Managing all DLP violations and reporting can be done with one tool.

Sync on-premises and cloud policies

There is no need to re-create policies to protect the same data in different environments since DLP can synchronize policies in on-premises and the cloud.


Those are the explanations of the DLP solution that can prevent the loss of company data. DLP is one of the solutions offered by Aplikas Servis Pesona, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group engaged in IT Security.


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