Developing an Effective Cyber Security Strategy

25 June 2020 Marketing Aplikas

Developing an Effective Cyber Security Strategy

Organizations have suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic, even though the governments has taken steps to ease restrictions and transition toward a new normal, businesses are only allowed to operate with 50% employees presence during the transitional PSBB period. People must practice some new rules to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Whether they are ready or not, Covid-19 has forced organizations to rapidly adapt to new working models. Then, how do organizations ensure their cyber security strategy is scaling with their remote working system?

Cyber security threats are moving very quickly during remote working because it gives easiest way for hackers to steal data from organizations for their own profit, especially when remote workers are not adequately prepared for the changes in your company’s cyber security risk.

Therefore, what should companies do to develop their cyber security strategy to keep their employees safe? The answer is to prepare the most reliable endpoint security solution, a solution to secure processes, data, a confidential information that are stored and transmitted through device connected to business network.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, an end-to-end IT security solution provider, offers the best-in-class endpoint security solution. Our endpoint security solution able to improve threat detection, response, and compliance, driving up the efficiency of a company’s endpoint security. This endpoint security solution has 3 key features that help organizations develop their cyber security strategy for the new normal. Here are the explanations:

  1. Dynamic Application Containment

This feature defends against Ransomware & Greyware by securing endpoints that are used as entry points for attacks.

  1. Antimalware Protection

Our antimalware engine is continually updated by Global Threat Intelligence and works across multiple operating systems.

  1. Proactive Web Security

With our endpoint security solution, organizations can ensure safe browsing because this solution includes web protection and filtering for endpoints.

With these 3 key features of our endpoint security solution, organizations can develop cyber security strategy for the new normal. It helps you stay secure when working remotely. Organizations will get integrated endpoint threat protection, detection, investigation, and response that is cloud-native and simplified.

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