Why Your Company Needs Data Loss Prevention

11 March 2022

Why Your Company Needs Data Loss Prevention

Data is an important thing that companies must protect. One of the valuable sources for companies to grow is the data that is continuously processed to produce business innovations. Therefore, data is crucial for companies.

The Importance of Implementing Data Loss Prevention Solution

Data loss happens a lot in companies. The causes are diverse, including internal errors and the presence of viruses on the computer. Companies can prevent this by using data loss prevention solution. Why is it important for companies to use data loss prevention? Let us discuss the importance of data loss prevention here.

1.      Protect the company from internal threats

Sometimes, the company environment makes someone uncomfortable. Thus, it might cause internal problems occurred in the company that can result in crucial company data being exposed or even lost. Internal company threats can also occur due to accidental employee access to a link that causes the spread of malware viruses. One of the benefits of using Data Loss Prevention is that it allows you to see the movement of existing data and the potential for data being leaked. Hence, your company can take precautions before data loss occurs.

2.      Prevent information disclosure

When an application fails, confidential information might be exposed. With DLP, your company can classify data and identify whether data is important to protect or not. This convenience will make it easier for the relevant divisions to protect data, and the company will avoid exposing information intentionally or unintentionally.

3.      Meet compliance

Data compliance regulations ensure that companies have an appropriate level of data security that complies with existing regulations. Data loss prevention solutions can encrypt data, redirect, quarantine the data, or block data transmissions that violate policies. Thus, company security related to data will increase and avoid data loss often experienced.

The risk experienced by the company will be significant if they experience loss of important data on the company. So, make sure your company protects critical data with the right technology security solutions. Companies can use the data loss prevention solution to prevent data loss. Aplikas Servis Pesona is always ready to provide a suitable solution for your company, one of them is implementing a data loss prevention solution for your company. Aplikas Servis Pesona is engaged in the IT security sector, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group.


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