Combating Sophisticated Cyber Attacks with Modern SIEM Solutions

04 January 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Combating Sophisticated Cyber Attacks with Modern SIEM Solutions

What is SIEM?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. SIEM is used for collecting security data from networks, applications, and hardware, then correlate those data and information into an output.

SIEM has become a reliable security solutions for organization to do early detection on cyber attacks. Even though almost all organizations have implemented SIEM solutions – especially for legacy SIEM, they still need to ensure the effectiveness of their current SIEM solutions because it is likely that their current SIEM is no longer enough to combat sophisticated cyber attacks. Here are the reasons why legacy SIEM solutions are no longer enough:

  1. Legacy SIEM does not have the ability to analyze and monitor all security data types effectively

Legacy SIEM is only able to collect defined security data types, while modern SIEM is able to collect any type of data from multiple resources and make sure all of them are analyzed and monitored properly. It means that by using legacy SIEM, your organization will not have a complete security data to ensure the overall security.

  1. Slow investigation

Legacy SIEM is not designed to generate detailed and thorough investigations on all components.

  1. Scalability issue

As the volume, complexity, variety, and speed of data continues to increase, legacy SIEM cannot keep up. Malware, data breaches, and security threats are incredibly complex, and they require a more proactive, agile approach to security infrastructure. The needs for proactive and agile solutions are not available on legacy SIEM.

  1. Inflexible deployment options

In terms of deployment, most legacy SIEMs are only available in appliance or software deployments, whereas most modern SIEMs are available in software as well as cloud deployments. Growth spikes in the cloud are common and require flexible, dynamic solutions and planning, which legacy SIEM simply cannot handle.


It Is the Best Time to Replace Your Legacy SIEM with Modern SIEM Solutions

Unlike legacy SIEM solutions, modern SIEM solutions provide maximum value for organizations to combat cyber security challenges.

Modern SIEM solutions offers full visibility into activity within your network, applications and hardware. It collects, parses and categorizes machine data from a wide range of sources in mere seconds, then analyzes the data to provide insights — a task that would otherwise be impossible to execute with legacy SIEM.


How Does Modern SIEM Solutions Work?

A SIEM system aggregates event data across multiple sources within your network infrastructure, including servers, systems, devices and applications, from perimeter to end user, both from internal or external threats. SIEM solutions offer a centralized view that combines context information about your users, assets and more.

Modern SIEM solutions are able to collect and analyze multiple data sources including:

  • Any application used within organizations.
  • Network devices such as routers, switches, bridges, wireless access points, modems, line drivers, hubs.
  • Servers such as web, proxy, mail, and file transfer protocol
  • Security devices such as IDP/IPS, firewalls, antivirus software, and content filter.


Choosing the Right Modern SIEM Solutions to Protect your Organizations from Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

To help organizations implementing the right SIEM modern solution, Aplikas Servis Pesona offers modern SIEM solutions from Splunk. For your information, Splunk named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management for the 7th consecutive time. Our modern SIEM provides organizations the ability to:

  • Improve security operations with faster response times
  • Improve security posture by getting full visibility across all data sources
  • Increase detection and investigation capabilities using advanced analytics
  • Make better decisions by leveraging threat intelligence

The use of technology requires more advanced cyber security systems. Organizations need extra protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, in line with the widespread growth in the use of various technologies to support business operations.

An effective enterprise security depends on the ability to quickly identify and remediate security issues. If your organization does not have modern SIEM solutions yet or use legacy SIEM to support IT security teams’ performance, then 2021 would be the best time for you to take advantage of modern SIEM and build a more better cyber security strategy than ever before.

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