Optimizing Your Branch Network Security with SD-Branch

28 October 2020 Marketing Aplikas

Optimizing Your Branch Network Security with SD-Branch

Rapid adoption of digital transformation technologies such as IoT, SaaS applications, and BYOD in enterprise environment has made an increase in the number of network edges that need to be secured, especially for big companies that has many branch offices. To address that issues, many companies act in various ways to optimize their branch network security, including implementing multiple security solutions in their branch network to address new cyber threat exposures as they appear.

Unfortunately, this approach further complicates branch infrastructures. As the result, the function of each security solution does not achieve its maximum effectiveness and add more complexity. To overcome these issues, companies with many branches should integrate networking and security capabilities across the WAN edge, access layer, and endpoints.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, an IT security solution provider in Indonesia, offers SD-Branch solution from Fortinet to help companies optimize their branch network security. SD-Branch solution integrates the network access layer within a secure platform that provides visibility and security to the network and all devices that connect to it.

By implementing SD-Branch, companies can always monitor their branches activities. Even the activity of each user who uses internet access can be monitored directly, including the speed and capacity of the network used.

Fortinet’s SD-Branch solution offers several key differentiators over other SD-Branch solutions. For your information, Fortinet has been named as a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for its WAN Edge Infrastructure. It means that Fortinet is placed in a higher position with the ability to execute and further the completeness of the vision.

The Benefits of Using SD-Branch Solution to Optimize Branch Network Security

The major benefit of implementing SD-Branch solution for companies is they can enhance their branch network security without having to adopt multiple security solutions that create complexity in branch infrastructures. The security enhancement are enforced at all WAN edges, at the branch access layer, and across all endpoint devices. It extends both security and network performance to the access layer by unifying WAN and LAN environments. Here are the other benefits of SD-Branch solution:

  • By using SD-Branch solution, companies can automate discovery, classification, and security of IoT devices when they access branch network.
  • SD-Branch solution automatically provides anomaly detection and remediation based on defined business logic.
  • SD-Branch solution allows companies with many branch offices to rapidly scale their operations across new offices and geographic locations
  • SD-Branch integrates firewalls, switches, and access points into one solution. In addition, it also helps to reduce the need for onsite resources, which results in lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Digital Transformation has created an evolution for companies with many branches. Almost all services migrate to the cloud, and it requires direct links to the internet. With this evolution, then more network edges are created for branch offices. An increasing number of entry points to branch network expand the potential attack surface. Therefore, optimize branch network security will be a greater concern than ever before.

Utilizing SD-WAN solution for the branch network allows companies to take advantage of the power of digital transformation without compromising its security. SD-Branch solution is the essential extension of SD-WAN solution that optimizes branch network security by enhancing security management and visibility without complexity.

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