Boosting Your Digital Transformation with SD-WAN

23 March 2020 Marketing Aplikas

Boosting Your Digital Transformation with SD-WAN

In this digital era, companies should rely on agile innovation methods to boost their digital transformation process. Companies need high-performance solutions to face fast-changing customer and market needs.

SD-WAN solution comes to solve challenges faced by companies in this modern era. Based on the concept of SD-WAN, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network is an application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to connect enterprise network including branch offices and data centers in large geographical area

SD-WAN is a solution for companies to overcome limited coverage and high costs, also simplify the complexity of traditional WAN infrastructure.

For companies that have complex infrastructure in their branches including router, bandwidth management, WAN optimizers, firewall, and other components, will face the complexity in managing those components.

SD-WAN technology will combine those components in one solution. Managing SD-WAN means you handle all those components and it will reduce time and cost.

Why do enterprises need to migrate from traditional WAN to SD-WAN?

  • Reducing complexity and TCO

Reduced complexity and high total cost of ownership by using best of breed SD-WAN and Next-Generation Firewall functionality on a single appliance

  • Reducing operational cost

SD-WAN can reduce operating cost by migrating from MPLS and utilizing multi-broadband such as Ethernet, DSL, and LTE

  • Improving Cloud application performance

SD-WAN will improve cloud application performance by prioritizing business critical applications.

After knowing about the SD-WAN solutions and its advantages, it can be concluded that SD-WAN solutions can improve overall flexibility.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, a company that provides end-to-end IT security solutions, comes with Secure SD-WAN solution from Fortinet to automatically facilitate business expansion with wide area networks, as well as reduce dependency on old infrastructure that consumes a lot of costs.

With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN that is available at Network Edge on Equinix Platform, companies can solve challenges in the latency process while accessing multi-cloud applications, and optimize cloud connectivity, especially when it comes to security with direct internet access.

If organizations plan their digital transformation, the first thing to do is to change and remodel the old WAN infrastructure and rigid network environment. SD-WAN solution is not only to optimize bandwidth, but also improve business critical applications performance with network visibility in branch offices. By implementing an SD-WAN solution, you will achieve a long-term and sustainable value from digital transformation process.


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