Benefits of Using Next-Generation Firewall for Company

12 November 2021 Marketing Aplikas

Benefits of Using Next-Generation Firewall for Company

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) has different features compared to traditional firewalls. By using Next-Generation Firewall and its advanced features, the company can get more benefits. NGFW offers several feature capabilities that traditional firewalls don’t have, such as blocking malware from entering the network and being ready to deal with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). NGFW is considered an efficient option for companies looking for security improvement because they can combine the functions of antivirus, firewall, and other security applications into a single solution.

Aplikas Servis Pesona, a company specializing in IT security solutions in Indonesia, provides a Next-Generation Firewall solution that all companies from various industries can utilize. Here are the benefits of using a Next-Generation Firewall for a company:

Benefits of Using Next-Generation Firewall

Aplikas Servis Pesona provides a Next-Generation Firewall solution to filter network traffic and protect the company from internal and external attacks. With the features of packet filtering, IPsec and SSL VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping, NGFW has more comprehensive and accurate content inspection capabilities.

NGFW has SSL inspection capabilities, application controls, intrusion preventions, and advanced visibilities over the attack surface to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape with multi-cloud adoption.

Those capabilities provide additional benefits for identifying attacks, malware, and other cyber threats and allow NGFW to block these threats thoroughly.

Fast-growing companies can rely on a Next-Generation Firewall solution to protect the company from cyber threats and attacks coming from network traffic.

As companies expand their business to meet customer growth, they can no longer rely on traditional firewalls since this technology does not offer scale protection, leading to poor user experience and weak security postures.

With the Next Generation Firewall, companies can block malware and include a “special path” for new types of attacks or threats in the future – which will give them the flexibility to thrive with a changing threat landscape and maintain real-time network security.  Next-Generation Firewall is an essential component in modern company network security.

Best Next-Generation Firewall Features

The Next Generation Firewall solution offers several superior features that provide many benefits for companies’ security systems. These are the features offered by Next-Generation Firewall:

1.      Full visibility

NGFW eliminates blind spots that cannot be controlled using SSL inspection of all encrypted flows, including TLS 1.3.

2.      Automatic threat protection

NGFW performs as the best security solution with features that are capable of automating threat protection.

3.      Integrated security platform

With NGFW, all security tools are integrated to share information quickly and carry out automatic actions if needed.

4.      Fabric management center

NGFW offers centralized console management, orchestration, and analytics to ease security management.

5.      Equipped with Threat Intelligence

The NGFW solution from the Aplikas Servis Pesona is equipped with threat intelligence to provide strong protection from both known or unknown types of cyberattacks.

Implementing a firewall has become necessary for every business in the current digital environment, especially for the Next-Generation Firewall. Cyber attacks and the number of devices used to access company networks are growing every day. With the flexibility and scalability offered by Next-Generation Firewall, the solutions can protect companies from various types of digital threats. Therefore, now is the right time for the IT security team to consider every benefit of using a Next-Generation Firewall to upgrade company cybersecurity to a more effective and maximum system in the future.



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