The Benefits of Identity and Access Management for Business

22 October 2020 Marketing Aplikas

The Benefits of Identity and Access Management for Business

After knowing about Identity and Access Management (IAM) – the definition and how it works to boost company’s cyber security in the article: “What is Identity and Access Management? Definition and How It Works to Boost Cyber Security”, now let’s start to know about IAM further by knowing the benefits of Identity and Access Management for business. Here are the details:

  • Reducing help desk requests

IAM solution eliminates the need for users to submit password resets and other help desk requests by automating them. Therefore, it allows users to easily verify their identity without bothering system admins, who in turn are able to focus on their main tasks that add better business value.

  • Securing access

Opening IT resources that are accessible for employees and business partners at once offers better productivity and efficiency for companies, but it also increases the risk if we do not have full control and visibility to monitor its identity and access management. By using IAM solution, companies can expand access to their IT resources without compromising security.

  • Getting greater user access control to prevent data breaches

By using IAM solution, companies will get greater user access control. It means that companies can prevent data breaches. This is crucial as cybercriminals progressively target user credentials as a key method for having access to company’s networks and resources.

  • Meeting compliance

More benefits of Identity and Access Management for business are about meeting compliance. In corporate governance, the term compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request. An effective IAM solution helps a business meet regulatory compliance requirements amidst a landscape of increasingly stringent data and privacy regulations.

After reading this article, now ke know that the benefits of Identity and Access Management improve the security posture at an organization. If you are looking to improve company-wide security, whether with IAM or other solutions, the first step to do is finding the right partner to prepare a successful implementation process.  Are you interested to know further about how can IAM help you to improve security posture? We are sure we can help you to find more about how to improve your security posture. Give us a message at


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