Anticipating Cyber Attacks with Vulnerability Management Solution

09 October 2020 Marketing Aplikas

Anticipating Cyber Attacks with Vulnerability Management Solution

With the increasing reliance on technology, it is becoming more and more essential for business to secure every aspect of information and data. A company needs to have safeguards in place to ensure data is under tight lock and key. To ensure your company’s information and data are protected from cyber attacks, it is imperative that you need to protect your network security.

In today’s digital transformation era, network security is one of the most important aspects for companies to consider because it mostly become the obvious targets for cybercriminals, and it is clearly stated by the research from Frost & Sullivan that Indonesia experienced more than fifty thousands cyber attacks each day.

Then, why do hackers always target companies? There are many reasons that attempt to answer this question – because most companies do not have the right strategy to optimize their cyber security and do not implement the right IT security solution to anticipate cyber attacks. To anticipate cyber attacks, a company need a solution that gives a complete visibility into their attack surface so they can manage and measure cyber risks on their network.

To provide solutions that can be used to anticipate cyber attacks, Aplikas Servis Pesona offer cyber security solutions named Vulnerability Management solution from Tenable. This solution enables early detection on any vulnerabilities that could risk a company’s network, also discovers, assesses, prioritizes, remediates and measures all assets across computing environments.

What Does Vulnerability Management Solution Do to Anticipate Cyber Attacks?


·         Eliminate blind spots

By using Vulnerability Management solution, IT Teams can eliminate blind spots resulting from unmanaged assets and weaknesses that increase risks profile and are often the root of security issues.

·         Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency based on a complete context to quickly understand and prioritize weaknesses.

·         Prioritize vulnerabilities

With Vulnerability Management solution, IT teams can prioritize vulnerabilities and know what patches to apply first for the greatest risk reduction.

·         Get real-time notifications

Vulnerability Management solution also provides administrators a real-time dashboards and notifications of trending vulnerabilities on devices or systems, and monitors traffic and activity on the network to detect any unusual activity and events. From there, they can prioritize which exposures to mitigate first and then apply the appropriate remediation process.

Vulnerability Management is the only solution that brings together discovery of on premises and cloud-based assets, active and passive vulnerability assessment, configuration auditing, change detection, malware detection, threat intelligence and analysis of network and user activity.

With a solid cybersecurity strategy, you are well-prepared for cyber attacks and one step ahead to compete in today’s digital transformation era! Reach us at to discuss further about the advantages and benefits of Vulnerability Management with Aplikas Servis Pesona’s IT security experts. 



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