Adversaries: The People Behind Cyberattacks

04 February 2022 Marketing Aplikas

Adversaries: The People Behind Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are currently becoming more common. Cyberattacks can occur anytime and anywhere, in various ways and targets. Hence, companies must have the right strategy to avoid these cyberattacks. Many companies experience cyberattacks due to a lack of endpoint protection or even the inability to resist many types and methods of attack performed by cybercriminals. Companies can use a Threat Intelligence solution to counter cyberattacks as one of the right strategies.

Threat Intelligence Overview

Threat Intelligence is a data-driven IT security solution. This data is collected, processed, and analyzed to discover cyberattackers’ motivations, targets, and patterns. Companies that use Threat Intelligence solutions can use this data as a basis for making decisions when an attack occurs. Companies get many benefits¬†when using Threat Intelligence solutions. One of them is able to identify the profile of cyberattacks.

Adversaries: The People Behind Cyberattacks

Many IT security solutions are always focused on malware and various methods to avoid it, forgetting that there is still no way to find out who is behind a cyberattack. Threat Intelligence Solution is able to identify the people behind cyberattacks. This cybercriminals’ profile is investigated to understand their movement patterns, motivations, and other things that might be done in the future. This ability can ease the future cyberattacks movement prediction for the company.

Types of Adversaries

Based on the information gathered from CrowdStrike, it is known that there are 3 types of adversaries. Below are the 3 types of adversaries.

  1. Targeted Intrusion

This type of adversary is usually espionage to a country. Targeting national security, shadowing competitors, or people who oppose a policy (dissident control)

  1. Criminal

The criminal here is the same as the bad guy, but it is interpreted as an internet criminal. This type of adversary is the one we all know. This type of criminal is known for its motivation to make money with various tactics.

  1. Hacktivist dan nasionalis

This type of adversary focuses on the desire to be “seen”. Hacktivists want to show their intentions about a concern by carrying out cyberattacks.

Why Is It Important To Identify the People Behind Cyberattack?

Dealing with cyberattacks can be done in various ways. One of them is by identifying the profile of the people behind cyberattacks. This approach will ensure your company is ready to handle cyberattack problems, not just recognizing the signs of a cyberattack. For example, cybersecurity usually only deals with malware, and malware is a symptom of a cyberattack. Adversaries may change the malware appearance, but it will be difficult for adversaries to change and enter the operating system simultaneously. Using Threat Intelligence solution, companies will easily find a commonly used way of cyber adversaries to invade company systems. Companies can change their operating system before adversaries can enter because it will be very expensive for adversaries to invade the company’s operating system. Therefore, cybercriminals or adversaries will think twice about breaking into your company’s security. Thus, companies can avoid cyberattacks before they even experience an attack.


Those are the explanation about the people behind cyberattacks. Companies need to improve endpoint security using a Threat Intelligence solution to avoid them. By combining enterprise-wide IT security with a Threat Intelligence solution, companies can more quickly and effectively protect the entire digital environment.


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