Advanced Threat Protection Solution Protects Companies From Advanced Threat Attacks

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Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and becoming more dangerous than ever. Traditional antiviruses cannot detect cyber-attacks that are more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Companies must improve their cybersecurity to avoid cyberattacks that are continuously growing. Companies can use an Advanced Threat Protection solution to defeat cyberattacks getting more powerful and difficult to detect.

Benefits of Advanced Threat Protection Solution for Companies

Advanced Threat Protection is a cybersecurity solution that can prevent, detect and mitigate threats from the advanced growing threat of cyberattacks. An Advanced Threat Protection solution can prevent the threats by blocking as many known threats as possible. Unknown threats will be further examined by detecting using local analysis and intelligence. The mitigation carried out by the Advanced Threats Protection solution is to respond to new detections, thereby minimizing issues and impacts that occur across IT architecture systems. So, are there any other benefits for companies using Advanced Threat Protection solutions? Yes. Here are the benefits of the Advanced Threat Protection solution:

  1. Has broad scope

IT systems have a complex network. An Advanced Threat Protection solution can effectively protect companies from cyberattacks from all points that cybercriminals can attack. Using an Advanced Threat Protection solution can protect companies from cyberattacks in a broader scope, protecting three layers including network, application, and endpoint.

  1. Has a powerful processing

Cybersecurity technology requires preventing or detecting threats in deeper IT systems that take longer to analyze and slow down the running business process. An Advanced Threat Protection solution is the right solution to overcome this problem and secure IT systems based on company needs. Advanced Threat Protection’s security features ensure that all the necessary security features can be activated on the suitable IT systems to stop threats looking for a “way” in, from the smallest remote office to the biggest data center and everywhere in between. The ATP solution has been optimized to work at a cloud-scale in the world’s largest IaaS and PaaS environments to reach advanced threat protection to the public cloud.

  1. Automatically acts as a single system

Traditional cybersecurity usually operates independently according to a protected IT system and various vendors. The company’s defenses will have the strongest level of protection if cybersecurity can be automated in all IT components used by the company. Using Advanced Threat Intelligence solutions can integrate all IT components and third parties so that ATP works automatically as a single system.

Cyber​​attacks are constantly evolving and become more difficult to detect. Companies need an Advanced Threat Protection solution to prevent cyber attacks from harming the company’s cybersecurity. An Advanced Threat Protection solution is capable of detecting both known and unknown cyberattacks. Aplikas Servis Pesona is ready to protect your company from cyberattacks with the Advanced Threat Protection solution.


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