5 Security Practices to Protect Your Company’s Data

28 January 2021

5 Security Practices to Protect Your Company’s Data

We all know that all modern companies produce huge amount of data every day. Due to huge amount of data, the data management is often neglected. Indeed, every company has much data that flows beyond the scope of company’s network security.

The data loss or data theft incident often occur within organizational environment, both from insider or outsider threats. More incidents occurred due to outside threat actors, but they take full advantages of insiders’ vulnerabilities.

Then, what are the best security practices you can take to protect your company’s data? We have summarized 5 security practices to protect your company’s data, so you will always be protected from data loss or data theft incidents. Let us take a look at these following preventive steps:

1. Store Your Data Wisely

The more data you collect about your customers and employees, the more you need to protect them. Within an organization, employees often save more information than necessary. This makes you more difficult to identify and classify data that is more important to your organization.

To reduce the risk of data loss incidents, you need to store your data wisely and save the information you exactly need to run your business.

To protect your company’s data, you need to avoid collecting unnecessary data. If you only need information temporarily, get rid of it immediately after you have used it.

2. Monitor Your Data

Laptop, smartphones, other work devices provide plenty of convenient ways to store and transfer data.  However, these conveniences also bring more opportunities for data to be accessed by irresponsible parties.

Therefore, to protect your company’s data, you need to monitor all stored data. Always keep track of what data you are storing, where you store it and who has access to see that data.

3. Focus on Improving Password Security Practices

When a company has adopted different and comprehensive network security devices, they often end up ignoring the basic information security mistakes. For example, use weak passwords.

In most cases, employees use weak passwords to access data in their system, and making them more vulnerable to attacks. Then, to protect your company’s data, it is very crucial to improve password security practices.

4. Plan Effective Emergency Responses

Every company need to be prepared for a worst-case. The way they respond to cyber security incidents can be the difference between a minor data loss and a costly breach. You need to plan effective emergency responses that include these following steps:

First, disconnect and shut down any compromised computers, and stop using any compromised programs.

Second, involve those who are competent in cyber security and investigate the incident, conduct an internal review or it would be better if you work together with an IT security consultant to find out what went wrong in the system.

5. Implement Maximum Protection to Keep Your Company’s Data Safe with DLP solutions

After taking all previous security practices, companies still need to implement maximum protection on their data security with DLP or Data Loss Prevention solutions.

Data Loss Prevention is a solution used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. It helps companies to avoid data loss incidents through continual monitoring of data at all stages of its lifecycle on endpoints, networks, and the cloud. You can find further information about Data Loss Prevention in this article: (link)

As an IT security solution provider company, Aplikas Servis Pesona is committed to address the evolving cyber threat landscape by providing a more effective, efficient, and highly scalable security management solution.

Take all 5 best security practices above to protect your company’s data. Hope you will find this information useful!





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