5 Reasons to Choose Next-Gen Antivirus

20 March 2021 Marketing Aplikas

5 Reasons to Choose Next-Gen Antivirus

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their tools and skills to reach their targets. Similar to how technology solutions are always evolving, cyber criminals also continually find new ways around to ensure that their attacks are successful. Moreover, they are using artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure they can reach the most updated security layer of their targets.

Due to the evolving attacks, companies – the most common main targets for cyber attacks – need an advanced security solutions to protect themselves from these attacks.

One of advanced solutions for them to keep up with the latest cyber threat is Next-Gen Antivirus.

What is Next-Gen Antivirus?

Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is a solution used to prevent all types of attacks – known and unknown.

It protects organizations by monitoring and responding to attacker’s techniques. NGAV helps IT security teams with real-time response capabilities, predictive analytics, and threat intelligence.

There are 5 reasons to choose Next-Gen Antivirus over the traditional one. Here is why:

1. We cannot rely on traditional antivirus to detect today’s advanced threats automatically

Traditional antivirus solutions require signatures to detect cyber threats. This approach brings several challenges, because if they found new types of attacks, they need to update the signature databases and then distribute those new signatures to agents.

Pointedly, we cannot rely on traditional antivirus because it is not able to adapt to the evolving types of cyber attacks.

2. Next-Gen Antivirus has more complete capabilities as it inspects files, processes, applications, and network connections

A NGAV solution is able to detect and prevent all types of attacks. NGAV takes a system based approach to security, by monitoring all business documents and infrastructures. This more holistic approach is able to defend against a range of attacks – both from internal or external factors.

3. Next-Gen Antivirus enables IT security teams to determine root causes

A NGAV solution is designed to gather and comprehensively analyze endpoint data to determine root causes of security problems on business systems.

By knowing the root causes, companies can detect the initial vulnerabilities that the cyber criminals took advantage of and enables them to proactively address those vulnerabilities to stop them from using it again.

4. Next-Gen Antivirus is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence

A NGAV solution is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze billions of security threats in order to predict new malicious forms of attack.

NGAV’s data analytics tools and techniques allow companies to see patterns and threats evolvement from any sources to protect against all types of attacks.

5. Next-Gen Antivirus is available in flexible deployment

The average deployment of traditional antivirus is usually taking several months. This timeframe is necessary because traditional antivirus often relies on additional hardware to be installed at the physical premises. Furthermore, once installed, most traditional antivirus solutions require quite a bit of configuration to be fully functional.

Meanwhile, Next-Gen Antivirus is also available as cloud-based solutions. It means that it can reduce the complexity in deployment, it may only takes hours – without any additional hardware, software, or infrastructure required.

That’s the 5 reasons to choose Next-Gen Antivirus. The benefits and the capabilities offered by this solution can protect companies against cyber attacks comprehensively, and it comes with new advanced features that always keep up with the latest types of cyber attacks.

Then, have you decided which one should you choose? It is clear that Next-Gen Antivirus is better than the traditional one. If you want to see further information about Next-Gen Antivirus, you can read this article: https://aplikas.com/strengthen-enterprise-security-with-next-gen-antivirus/


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