5 Primary Ways to Secure Company Information Systems

08 October 2021 Marketing Aplikas

5 Primary Ways to Secure Company Information Systems

The company’s information system is closely related to privileged access. With this access, the company’s information system is only accessible for specific users. Users who have privileged access can do any activity in the company’s system, but they need to be monitored to ensure all activities are legal and do not violate access rights.

Privileged access can be found on any network device, database, application, on-premise server, or in the cloud. Users who have privileged access are treated as company key holders. Therefore, management and supervision need to be carried out properly because if there is a violation of access rights, this highest cybersecurity threat can cause losses and business fallout.

Currently, companies can adequately monitor and manage privileged access to protect company information systems by doing these 5 ways with the Privileged Access Management solution. Here are 5 ways companies can do:

1.      Prevent credential theft from external attacks

Privileged Access Management solution can help companies protect all privileged account credentials and ensure the confidentiality of each user’s identity, for both humans or robots.

2.      Prevent certain activities on the system

Privileged Access Management solution can help IT security teams block user activity that initially stays on ordinary systems to critical systems, which store sensitive or confidential data.

3.      Prevent escalation and privileged access rights violation from internal parties

Privileged Access Management solution also protects the company from insider attacks or attacks arising from internal parties or insiders by mapping the right access for each user based on their role and needs.  

4.      Fulfill audit and compliance needs

Privileged Access Management solution helps companies simplify the accountability process for each user by monitoring and recording privileged access activity and creating audit trails to meet compliance requirements.

5.      Control third party access

Privileged Access Management solution allows companies to control the access required by third parties effectively. It only provides privileged access when they need it to complete particular tasks. Thus, control and supervision can be carried out optimally and at the right time.

Privileged Access Management solution helps IT security teams protect company information systems by providing the 5 capabilities described. There are many other benefits and features offered by the Privileged Access Management solution for your company, and you can read more detailed information here. (link)




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