5 In-Demand IT Skills in 2021 and Beyond

17 May 2021 Marketing Aplikas

5 In-Demand IT Skills in 2021 and Beyond

Nowadays, it feels like technology is progressing faster than ever. But, is it true? The answer is yes, it absolutely is. Almost all human activities are supported and simplified by the technologies, including for businesses. Many modern companies leverage technology to optimize their business performance.

Due to rapidly evolving technologies in business environment, it becomes necessary for employees to master certain IT skills in order to meet business demand.

This necessity is also reflected by the statement of Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics. It states that since 2015, Indonesia needs 600.000 digital talents every year (link). This means that Indonesia need at least 9 million digital talents by 2030.

Of course, technology has many different fields. There are a lot of technology field you can go in, as the need of those IT skills will be increasing within business environment.

In this article, we will take a closer look at in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. Please note that the required IT skills are in line with the IT solutions that companies need to survive and thrive in dynamic situations. Below are the details:

1. Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. In today’s digital business, new cyber security risks emerge every hour of every day. Therefore, a company will need more digital talents with cyber security skills to help them protecting the overall security postures.

2. Data Analytics & Data Science

In today’s digital era, data is becoming a greatest asset to support business continuity. Moreover, today’s companies are showing their interest in data-driven culture. For that matter, companies need to improve their strategies toward data-driven decision making by having employees with data analytics and data science skills.

Both data analytics and data science are in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. The differences between these 2 skills are: data analytics is likely considered as entry-level skill, whereas data science gets more advanced, but the jobs are still similar.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Now that businesses are implementing AI to keep up with demand during COVID-19. AI is known as a solutions to keep business more productive and agile.

Because of its increasingly widespread adoption, by 2021 and beyond, more companies will be looking for employees with specific areas of expertise in AI. The most in-demand IT skills for this field are natural language processing (NLP), automated speech recognition (ASR) and automation.

4. Software Development

Most today’s businesses rely on digital platform to operate and interact with their customers. Therefore, software development skills will continue to be one of in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. However, the qualification of software developer will grow align with the business process complexity.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing skill is one of the in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. Covid-19 outbreak has an important role in creating the cloud computing trends within business environment.  With a significant amount of business moving online, all segments of the cloud grow including Saas, PaaS and IaaS. It creates high demand for IT professionals with cloud computing skill.

Cloud computing trends create the need to have cloud computing experts who can design, plan, manage, maintain, and support the use of cloud computing within an enterprise environment.

Now you know the 5 in-demand IT skills in 2021 and beyond. As we have mentioned earlier that the required IT skills are in line with the IT solutions that companies need to survive and thrive in dynamic situations, so that besides having employees with those IT skills, companies need to work together with a reliable IT solutions provider to optimize the digital transformation journey.

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