4 Ways to Improve Company’s Email Security

10 December 2021 Marketing Aplikas

4 Ways to Improve Company’s Email Security

Many people think keeping email secure is not something necessary. In fact, email attacks might happen all the time. According to the Pusat Operasi Keamanan Siber Nasional (Pusopskamsinas), in 2020, there were 2549 cybercrimes cases of a phishing email. Therefore, email security needs to be improved, especially for the company’s email, so that company data will not be stolen and avoid any attacks sent via email that can damage the company-owned devices.  

Each user needs to implement several ways to improve email security. Here are some ways to improve company’s email security:

  1. Separate the email accounts

Email accounts should be separated based on their purposes and needs. For example, an email to send information about a company’s products is separated from a company email for social media. The aim is to minimize the impact of losses if the email is exposed to any cyberattacks.

  1. Use complex password

Many people use a password with combinations that is easy to remember. An easy-to-remember password should be avoided to minimize the possibility of an email exposed to cyberattacks. Using a combination of punctuation, capital letters, and numbers in email passwords will make it difficult to hack and avoid cyberattacks.

  1. Beware of the link attached in an email

After opening the email, read the email contents carefully. Do not randomly click on the attached link without knowing exactly what it is because it may contain viruses that can harm the device.

  1. Use Secure Email Gateway solution

The advancements in cyberattacks create many viruses that cannot be detected with the available security tools on email platforms. Working with an IT Security Solution Company that offers a Secure Email Gateway solution is the best way to improve your company’s email security.

Those are 4 ways to improve the company’s email security. Aplikas Servis Persona is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that can help companies develop the right strategy to improve email security from cyberattacks.

The Secure Email Gateway solution is one of the IT security solutions from the Aplikas Servis Persona that can ensure the company’s email is safer than ever. The Secure Email Gateway solution improves company’s email security by using spam filters, email encryption, and antivirus features to detect known and suspected threats, zero-day threats, impersonation attacks, and BEC (Business Email Compromise).

Please contact us at  marketing@phintraco.com to get more information about Secure Email Gateway solutions.






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